1.) Gertrudis was really stricken; her body was dripping with sweat. Her sweat was pink, and it smelled like roses, a lovely strong smell...Her body was giving off so much heat that the wooden walls began to split and burst into flame. (53-55)

2.) With Pedro died the possibility of ever again lighting her inner fire, with him went all the candles...She began to eat the candle out of the box one by one...The first time she saw him, the first time their hands touched, the first bouquet of roses, the first kiss, the first time they made love...Never again would the be apart. (244-245)

3.) The moment they took their first bite of cake, everyone was flooded with a great wave of longing.... But the weeping was just the first symptom of a strange of intoxication - an acute attack of pain and frustration...” (39)


4.) At the wedding - Tita’s cooking makes the whole party sick (except for Tita) “See what you've done now? You and Pedro are shameless. If you don't want blood to flow in this house, go where you can't do any harm to anybody, before it's too late." (199) - Spirit of Mama Elena appears.

5.) “Nacha swept up the residue from the tears had left on the red stone floor. There was enough salt to fill a 10 pound sack.” (p.6)

6.) “Tita tried to save a few diapers, but when she went to get them, she found herself being swept away by the force of the incredible whirlwind, which lifted her several feet off the ground and took her on a three hellish orbits within the fury of beaks before flinging her onto the opposite end of the patio end of the patio, where she landed like a sack of potatoes.” 9p.218)