Alice in Wonderland is a great book. It gets your imagination going. It all starts when Alice is sitting on a bank with her sister and falls asleep. From there it is all imagination and from there your imagination never stops. Alice lets her curiosity get the best of her so she finds herself falling down a long, black, well after following the white rabbit. She follows the rabbit because she heard it say "Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!" Personally, I would have followed a talking rabbit also. After she hits the bottom of the well she finds all of these doors that she soon finds out are all locked. After she went around trying all of the doors she found a three legged table in the middle of the floor with a small gold key on it. The key was to small to fit any of the doors and she starts to wonder how she is going to get out of her. She then finds a curtain and she moves it. That's where she finds the door that the key fits.


Once she opens the door she sees a beautiful garden but she is to large to fit in the door. Alice then finds a bottle marked "Drink Me" and when she drink it she shrinks. When she shrinks she noticed that she left the key on the table which now she is to small to get. Then she finds cookies that says "Eat Me" so of course Alice being as curiosity that she is she ate it. The cookie made her larger then what she was before. It made her so large that she got stuck. She started to cry which made her shrink once again. She cried so much that it caused a river of tears. Alice meets a lot of wonderful creatures and people during her adventure. She meets a caterpillar who gives her advice. She also meets the Duchess who has the Cheshire cat. Alice was confused about why the cat was smiling so she asked the Duchess. The Duchess said that he was a Cheshire cat and that it was supposed to smile. The Cheshire cat told Alice to go visit the Hatter, the March Hare, and the Dormouse. The cat told her that she would love them because they were mad. Alice did as the cat told her and visited them where she sit down and had tea with them. Alice also meets the Queen of Hearts won is an evil person. The Queens tarts get stolen and she thinks Alice stole them. Alice has to go to court over this. The Queen loved to scream "Off with her head!" Alice is woke from her wonderful dream by her sister. Alice then starts to think about how her sister will be when she grows older.