I learned a great deal from reading the book Siddhartha. Siddhartha is the kind of book that makes you look at your own life. I am not overly religious, but I do believe that spiritual guidance can be derived from many sources. Siddhartha found enlightenment us from fasting and living without possessions. He then found other paths to learning, including becoming a wealthy merchant and finding his own sexuality. Siddhartha had a very long path to his eventual enlightenment. At the end of Siddhartha’s long journey, he found enlightenment as a ferry boat operator. He learned from nature and the river everything that ever was and ever will be.


I am fascinated by the idea that you can find some truths about yourself from nature. I take long walks with my dog every day and I see new things in nature every time I go. I believe that God is in the trees and the clouds and everywhere if you take the time to look for him. I believe Siddhartha is intelligent, modest, hard-working and unprejudiced. I hope to be the kind of person Siddhartha is in this book throughout my life. I do not know if I have the strength of character to starve and wander through the forest to find enlightenment. I hope I can find enlightenment through my everyday interactions with nature and people. The novel Siddhartha taught me that everything is an opportunity to grow spiritually as a human.