Animal Farm explains how a farm of animals manage to get together and take back their farm from their horrible owner Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones was described as a tall horribly harsh old man. He didn't feed the animals enough, instead he just feed them adequate amount for them to survive, no where near what that actually need. That's why he was overthrown by the animals in his farm.


This book is quite easy to follow along with,it is short and makes for an easy read. Hand of applause for a job well done by George Orwell, author of Animal Farm; great work by him. Due to the fact that it's such a simple book, it's great for younger children (youth), opposed to most adults who usually prefer far more complex books. Therefore, I won’t recommend this book for adults. Moreover, the book is fiction and nonfiction at the same time, as a matter of fact, the book is similar to that of a fable. It mixes the idea of a revolution occurring with talking animals. The idea of the uprising is realistic, the only difference is that the animals are having an revolution instead of the humans. The revolt in the animals occur mainly because they weren't treated right/fairly; similar to historical revolutions of the past. Furthermore, it contains personification, animals talking amongst themselves throughout the story. This allowed George Corwell, adapt/develop his plot. Spoiler alert, the plot is about a pig named Napoleon who becomes the leader of animal farm. As the passage progresses, multiple examples are shown, proving that Napoleon attitude resembles Mr. Jones, their former owner.