Death of a Salesman is a well-written tragedy by Arthur Miller and is leagues better than his other play called All My Sons.The older play is more artificial in language while the other play is more real, honest, and human. However, in both plays, Arthur takes the easy way out by having the father to commit suicide. It's cheap for him to do that in All My Sons, but in Death of a Salesman it makes sense.


Pretty much, Willy is a blue collar working man who tries his best with his sons, but they don't seem to appreciate it and have turned into thieves, womanizers, and pathological liars. The wife and the mother of the two boys is hopeful, chooses to see and hear what she wants to see and hear, and understands his husband's problems. That's why she can't make her two boys to see the world the way she sees it. In the end, Willy isn't the loser, but the two boys definitely are because the meaning of hard work is lost on them.

Nobody said life is easy. It has been something that many high schoolers don't understand until they graduate, go out in the real world, and fend for themselves.