Victor Frankenstein felt that the creature should not be considered as a whole person but as a basket full of assorted parts. Frankenstein used what Foucault would call his “medical gaze” to look upon what he had created with disgust entreated him inhumanely.

  • Foucault felt that medicine was more humane today than it was in ancient times but that the medical profession had become less humane
  • Victor Frankenstein felt that the creature was a malfunctioning experiment as opposed to a human being that he had created that had feelings and a soul
  • perhaps if the creature had been born during the Renaissance he would've been treated and revered for being so different
  • Foucault felt that patients were dehumanized and not considered a whole person but just a collection of parts that are not working, Frankenstein would argue that his entire creature wasn't working correctly because he didn't look like everyone else and wasn't perfect right out of the gate


  • maybe if Frankenstein had turned out a better looking creature he would've spent more time working with him
  • because Frankenstein chose to lie to his family it's like the prisoners behind closed doors they can't see what he really accomplished in creating this creature so they can't judge him for his cruel actions
  • maybe Foucault felt his parents gave him the “medical gaze” because he was a homosexual and therefore different
  • perhaps his parents were the reason he chose to study this philosophy because he felt dehumanized