Foucault wrote in his book Madness in Civilization that the mentally ill were tolerated even if they were different in society. He wrote in The Birth of the Clinic that doctors today do not consider people to be a whole person they only treat the organs inside of you and what is malfunctioning. Victor Frankenstein created a monster that may have been tolerated in medieval times even though he was so different and he deserved more humane treatment then Frankenstein had given the bits and pieces of matter that he sparked life into.

  • Victor Frankenstein didn't even try to make the creature a normal size or to try to create an attractive face
  • Frankenstein treated the creature like an experiment not like a whole person
  • During the Renaissance I believe we treated prisoners better because they were simply killed they were not penned up and tortured until their life ended which is worse than death.
  • Foucault felt that he was different because he was a homosexual and his parents tried to cure him, even though there was nothing wrong with him

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  • the creature is a lot like Foucault, different than most of the people around him yet very intelligent and able to learn and teach at a higher level than most people
  • Frankenstein created a creature that learned how to speak and write faster than Safie in the book so he is probably very intelligent and so was the creature
  • Frankenstein was careless and only used the pieces to make the creature he couldn't be bothered with little bits and pieces
  • Frankenstein didn't even try to make the monster be accepted in society and he abandon him right away
  • Foucault was not accepted into society and had to move around to try to find places that accepted his homosexuality
  • the creature tried to move around to the people would accept him but it didn't work