Robert Walton
Alphonese Frankenstein father
Elizabeth Lavenza
Henry Clerval
William Frankenstein
Ernest Frankenstein
Justine Moritz
Caroline Beaufort Frankenstein mom
Mr Waldman chemistry teacher who Frankenstein likes
MrDeLacey blind dad from cottage
Felix son
Agatha daughter
Saffie Arabian woman who married felix

Ship Capt. Robert Walton writes four letters to his sister Mrs. Margaret Saville

letter one Walton writes that he inherited cousins money went to see up north to the pole and Russia letter to he wants a friend he is lonely he is 28 years old he's an arch Angel a poet and a semen letter three things are okay there's lots of iceletter four saw man on a sled with dogs on the open sea ice surrounding the ship saw another man on a sled the first man that went by look like a demon the second man only had one dog left live and he asked the Walton where he was going and he said the North Pole and Victor got on his ship and said okay take me to the North Pole. They became best friends

the stranger who turns out to be Victor tells Capt. Walton his misfortunes he is going to tell Capt. the story any what the captain to write it all down they called their sleds Sledge

Chapter 1 Victor said he is Genevese from Geneva Switzerland from a good family. His father married late in life and had a family friend named Beaufort. Beaufort lost all of his money and one way to live with his daughter Victor Frankenstein's father found him and said that he will pay money to get him back on his feet. Beaufort was so upset he couldn't get out of bed and he died his daughter left with Victor Frankenstein's dad they were two years at a friends house and then they got married she was lots younger than he was

Victor Frankenstein's dad did everything for his wife they lived in Italy Victor said he was their oldest child

Victor and his mother visited poor people when he was five and had found a woman with too many kids one was a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes and she looked regal the poor lady said the child wasn't hers that had been born from a nobleman from Milan the mother died at birth and the dad went to war was in prison maybe even dead so they took the girl home with them the girl was Elizabeth Lavenza

Victor was five years old when they brought Elizabeth home he believed it to be true when his parents gave Elizabeth to him as a gift he thought they meant literally as if she was his to own

they love each other and called each other cousin

Chapter 2 Elizabeth and Victor are one year apart Switzerland was home and she was calm parents had another boy when Victor was seven they moved to Geneva and lived in seclusion far apart from other people

Victor had one friend named Harry Clerval he is the son of a merchant in Geneva he liked danger and like putting on plays where he was the hero

Victor like to learn and Elizabeth was gentle and loving

when the three kids were 13 they went to a party Victor found a science book that he liked his father didn't like it but he bought all the volumes anyway to try to understand how nature worked he was self-taught and write a lot and he wanted to stop disease

Victor was 15 and lightning struck the tree in front of him he learned about electricity and Calvinism because of the lightning hitting the tree

when Victor was 17 he became a student at the University of Igolstadt before he left Elizabeth got scarlet fever Victor's mother cared for her Elizabeth survived but Victor's mother died of scarlet fever on her deathbed she said she wanted Victor and Elizabeth to be married and wanted Elizabeth to care for the younger children

Victor was posted go to college and he waited a few weeks after his mother staff

Henry was not allowed to go to college

Victor's professors made fun of him he wanted to study Albertus Magnus and Paracelus they were thousand-year-old books only one teacher name Mr. Waldman talked about the deep mysteries of ancient studies and like the idea that Richter was studying this

Victor was a chemist and a philosopher he had allowed with a lot of machines

chapter 4 chemistry and philosophy all Victor did for two years he never went homepage 41 he examined the causes of life page 42 he learned about anatomy and body decay and found the cause of generation and life could distill animation upon lifeless matter

page 44 he decided to make a being of gigantic portions 8 feet high page 45 dissecting room and slaughterhouse is where he got the materials to make is being his dad wrote that he needed to write home

Chapter 5 a rainy night in November he infused a spark of being any yellow eye of the creature open and he briefed

the creature had white teeth long black hair yellow skin his features were beautiful he had watery eyes and black lips it took two years to make him

Victor had a bad dream about Elizabeth being dead and the creature looked up at him in bed and tried to talk

he was so happy and then it turned to horror so quickly Henry Clerval arrived in the coach Clerval was allowed to go to the same college now

the only time Victor sees the creature is when he is in his bed and the creature pulls the curtains over and looks at him and attempts to speak but can't

Henry Clerval wasn't happy as a bookkeeper anymore Henry said Victor looked thin and pale and the brothers wanted to hear from him more

Victor left the creature in the apartment and was afraid Henry would see him so he ran to the apartment that the creature had Artie gone

Henry figured out Victor was acting wild and Victor fell down and had a fit of nervous fever that lasted several months

Henry took care of Victor while he was sick for months he didn't tell Victor stat or Elizabeth Elizabeth wrote to him

chapter 6 Elizabeth letter said to get better and right she wanted to come and take care of him but she cannot journey that far Ernest is 16 and wants to join the Swiss foreign service military

page 58 there's a story about Mdm. Moretz didn't like her daughter Justine she was a widow with four children when Justine was 12 she moved in with Elizabeth and who educated her and liked her to

when Justine's mom got sick and her three kids died she asked Justine to come home and Justine went home and the mom said she was sorry but then she started being mean to Justine again and she died and Justine came back to live with Elizabeth

William is so tall with blue eyes he has too little girl friends that are five years old and Elizabeth wrote a bunch of other gossip and told the jury to write one line anything and that Henry has written her lots Victor wrote to her in two weeks later he was out of bed

he entered used Henry to the professors at the University Henry figured out he didn't like his lab so we took it apart and we decorated his apartment to

Victor didn't tell Henry why he didn't want to talk about science Henry wanted to learn Oriental languages in college

page 61 Victor took up Oriental languages to he didn't care about him but he amused himself he didn't have any need the Oriental writers were happy and the Greeks and Romans that he usually read were not

the snow came and he couldn't visit home there supposed to leave in May but Henry wanted to hike for two weeks in nature and they were filled with happiness

chapter 7 received a letter from Henry's father sad news from the dad William is dead he was murdered. Elizabeth and two brothers went for a walk until they got dark William had walked ahead. Ernest couldn't find them Ernest found Elizabeth and they all went looking for William they looked until dark at 5 AM dad found William dead on the front lawn door finger marks on his neck.

Elizabeth wanted to see Williams dead body and told everyone she murdered him page 65 and she fainted

Elizabeth believe she murdered William because he wanted to wear a valuable miniature Elizabeth had from Victor's mom is a locket necklace the pitcher is gone and probably why he was murdered Victor's father told him to come home because Elizabeth is so sad told him to come home not for vengeance but for peace

Victor told Henry what happened Victor went home he hasn't seen his home in six years page 67

he started to slow down his journey and stayed two nights on the road near Lake it was dark when he arrived in Geneva

Victor wanted to see where William was murdered so took a boat to the place where they had gone walking called Plainpalis there was lightning outside and something moved it was the filthy demon

page 72 years had passed since he gave the creature life Victor wondered if this was his first crime killing William

Victor stayed outside all night wet and sad day came he went to his dad's house he thought he had fever the and he was delirious Victor felt nobody would believe them so we decided to say nothing

there's a picture of his mom over the mantle it's historical she's kneeling by a coffin of a dead father and her clothes were rustic below it there is a picture of William

he saw his brother Ernest Ernest told Victor they found the murderer and Victor said how could they possibly I just saw him last night and Ernest was confused

Ernest said Justine war it had killed him and that she was going to trial today they had proof that Justine did it she was sick in bed for days and they found a picture of their mother on her and the other people that worked in the home went to the magistrate and turned her in

Dichter said he knew who did it and it wasn't her Victor's father comes in Victor said that no human killed William

Elizabeth looked pretty said Justine was too innocent Elizabeth said everybody disagreed with her and she is sure Victor's father said to trust the law

Chapter 8 Victor blamed himself for the trial of Justine the prophetic court of guilt Justine was out all night the night of the murder she saw a market lady near the spot of the murder and talk to her Justine said what you doing and she was confused returned to the house at 8 AM said she was looking for the child they told her he was dead and she got hysterical and stayed in bed for days and servants found a picture in her pocket

Justine side of the story she went to her aunts house she found out that William was missing and went to look for him the gates of Geneva were shut so she had to sleep in a barn she fell asleep and then in the morning look for the child again saw the market lady but she was exhausted and probably did sound delirious and she had no idea how she had gotten the picture Justine said she has no enemies and she's a good person

nobody would testify to how good Justine was because they were scared

Elizabeth was the only one that would testify her and called everybody else pretend friends

page 78 Elizabeth said Justine was wonderful and she would have given her the necklace if she had only asked for it she had no need to steal it

Victor left the court and felt tortured more tortured than Justine because she was innocent and he was not all the ballots came back black and she was condemned to die Justine confessed her guilt

Victor is confused Elizabeth said she would never believe in good people again Justine said she wanted to see them Justine said she was innocent but the jailers threatened excommunication from the church if she didn't say she did it

Elizabeth said she would try to change their minds Justine said God loves her and gives her Kurdish and chic and I am peace because Elizabeth and Victor believe in her

page 82 Victor feels he's the true murderer Elizabeth is sad but she'll get over it and Victor thinks he won't

next day Justine dies Elizabeth and Victor tried to stop it but failed Justine dies on the scaffold William Justine are the first victims of unhallowed arts page 84


chapter 9 self-loathing gets himself sick deep dark deathlike solitude dad said he needed to move on because he suffered to

the family moved for wireless to another house and Belle Reeves they were happy about the move the city was locked up at 10 o'clock in Geneva and in Bellerive he could stay up all night if he wanted to he was free

Victor went out late at night on a boat in the lake alone he thought about drowning himself but then Elizabeth would suffer

Victor wants to kill the beast dad was ill Elizabeth always had Elizabeth said the whole attitude changed now she thinks men are monsters page 88

started to journey first on horseback and a mule he went hiking saw the scenery went for two months after Justine

Chapter 10 talked a lot about how nice nature is sometimes made him forget it rained he hiked with the mule the sky was sad got to the top of the mountain and talk to nature allow me happiness or kill me page 95

he sees the monster on top of the mountain superspeed he created a devil said don't you approach me told the creature he wanted him dead

the creature said you my creator who hate me I ought a be your Adam page 96 the creature said that Victor made him a fiend the creature wanted him to listen and come into his hut on the mountain and he's going to tell him the story

the creature said of Fichter will decide if he leads a harmless life away for mankind or becomes the scourge of his fellow man page 98 Victor followed him over the icy wanted to know if he killed his brother he entered the hut and lit a fire and the creature told story

Chapter 11 after the creature was created this is how his life went the creature said he woke up ate berries fell asleep woke up cried woke up looked at the moon put on the cloak he found he drank from a stream and sat in the shade of trees day and night he found the fire and it was warm he put the nuts and roots in the fire and they tasted good but you can't put berries in a fire it doesn't taste good

it got icyand he couldn't find food he found a man in a hut and a man ran away after seeing him the creature walked to a village and the kids screamed

the creature found a cottage with an old man with white hair a young boy and a young pretty girl and he couldn't understand their words chapter 12 he saw the little girl cry and figured out they were poor and they lived on vegetables from the garden and milk from one cow the two children would feed the old man first and they would go hungry

the creature saw that they needed wood for fire so he went out and got it and stacked it outside the creature figured out how to say words he spent the winter there the kids read to the father and he listened

Chapter 13 the old man played guitar and the two kids listened one day a beautiful woman came on worse back she had black hair

the boy named Felix was glad to see her the woman spoke whole mother language Felix like the woman her name was Safdie she was Arabian Safdie learned their language much slower than the creature and learned the letters from reading

books taught him bloodshed war and government people taught each other that you need to have stuff to be a nobleman the creature could live on roots and he could endure the cold and the heat without any bad effects

the creature love the people in the cottage and didn't speak to them and called them his protectors he lived in a little hovel nearby

chapter 14 the history of the family

Mr. DeLay see was from a good French family and Paris Felix is the son he was good in the military Agatha was the daughter she was very nice and was happy and all the her social circles

Safdie had a father who was the cause of their room and he was from Turkey and he hated the French government Safdie's father was sentenced to death and local people said it was a religious problem not a real crime

Felix was going to break him out of jail the Turkish man offered him money but Felix said no Felix saw his beautiful daughter and they liked each other Safdie wrote Felix letters the creature took the letters read them and copied them all and said he would give them to Victor to prove his story was true

Safdie said her mom was a Christian and the Turks seized her and made her into a slave her mother was pretty and one of the men married her Safdie was born her mother taught her that women who follow Mohammed didn't have a good life and that she needed to be a Christian

page 124 the Turkish father quitted his prison and left Paris father of Safdie pretended he was giving his daughter to Felix but it wasn't true the Paris government took Agatha and her father and put them in jail

Felix's dad is blind and old page 125 Felix was going to trade himself or his sister and his father but Paris locked up all three for five months in jail the government took all of their money and exiled them from France so they went to Germany

the Turks sent a small amount of money and it was offensive to all of them Safdie found out where Felix was and she took a servant and left with money and jewels but the servant died on the way

Safdie figured out where Felix was by reading her father's letters Safdie didn't speak the language but still found Chapter 15 the creature found three books asked himself who am I page 129 the

book of sorrows made him sad and made him ask questions

book called Plutarch’s lives told the story of the first founders of the ancient Republic

Paradise lost was a book about God and Adam was perfect not like the creature he believed he was Satan after reading this book

the creature found notes and address pocket he took from Victor's lab and it talked about creating a hideous monster the creature wanted the people on the cottage like him and he waited months to talk to them

in those months they had more money and they had servants now since Safdie had arrived

the creature decided he was going to talk to the blind man one day when sappy Agatha and Felix went for a walk the old man was alone playing guitar he told the man he was a traveler and he needed 5 min. to rest by the fire

the creature said he is worried that friends won't like him and the man told him that men are good the creature said the men would be scared by him and the old man said he wanted to help the creature heard the three men coming and told the old man that he was the friend that they were looking for Felix came after him with a stick, sassy ran away, Agatha fainted

Chapter 16 the creature started howling he declared war on men

the creature saw Felix and another man Felix said his wife's sister and dad wouldn't live there anymore and he wanted to leave the cottage and he never saw that family again

creature was filled with hate and he set fire to the cottage

the creature read in Victor's papers he was in Geneva so he went to Geneva to find him

the creature followed the sun Southwest he traveled only at night and he was better he got to Switzerland and it was spring and he was happy he saw little girl fall into the river and save her and she ran away and told her dad and her dad got a big gun out and shot him in the shoulder it took weeks to heal

the creature seized young William William called him a monster and told him his dad was Mr. Frankenstein and he would punish them a creature killed William and found a necklace he went to hide in the barn and there was a woman asleep in the hay and he put the richer next her

chapter 17 creature said you must make me a female and Victor said no creature promised he wouldn't kill anyone and he would be kinder with the woman and he would not be sad

the creature wanted the woman to be ugly and hideous like him their lives would not be happy but they would be harmless page 148 Victor was moved the creature said they would move to south America the creature said they would eat acorns and berries and sleep on beds of dry leaves page 150 Victor made him swear and he consented to the demand Victor went back to his house

chapter 18 Victor hesitated to start his health was finally getting better the father wanted Victor to Mary Elizabeth Victor wanted to wait until the mods to was gone

Victor wanted to create the new monster in England because he didn't want his family to know told them he'd be gone for a few months to a year

Victor's father wanted Henry to go with them Victor and Henry traveled they were happy

chapter 19 London V wanted to meet philosophers Henry wanted to visit India and he gathered information about it

Vic Dur collected parts to make the girl decided to finish in Scotland they travel to towns on the way sometimes he was happy and Henry was happy

page 166 I've neglected my purpose for some time

Victor thought the creature was following him Henry went off to Scotland alone Victor lived in a hut with a thatch roof and work in the mornings

chapter 21 day when it was too dark to work anymore Victor thought what if the woman will be violent what if she doesn't like the creature for the first time wickedness of promise burst upon me page 171

Victor sees the creature but doesn't talk to him and decides not to make the girl monster comes into the room and said you destroyed your work won't you keep your promise

pick your said yes I'm not going to do it the monster said you are my creator but I am your master page 172

creature said I am fearless therefore I am powerful page 173 the creature left in a boat the creature said he would be with actor on his wedding night

Victor went to the lab and put all the body parts and a basket with heavy stones and he waited until night and sunk it into the ocean

Victor fell asleep and the boat and overnight he saw sure he was now in Ireland came ashore and the Irish people were not nice to him

the Irish people said Victor needed to answer for murdering a man that they found their Victor knew he didn't do it so was going to be easy to prove that he was innocent

chapter 21 two men said they found the 25-year-old handsome man nearshore with black finger marks on his neck they took Victor to see the body to look at his face to see if he was guilty he saw the body of Henry Clarval

Victor collapsed and was sick for two months he called himself the murder of William Justine and Henry he woke up in prison

Mr. Kerr when was the judge and he was kind to him and gave him the best room in the jail and medicine he also wrote to his father and Victor's father came Victor had been imprisoned three months when his father came

they traveled 100 miles to work court was held and they proved he was on Orkney Islands when the body was found so he was released

page 189 prison was a welcome residents he could be happy anyway he minds will be in prison he was taking the laudnum every night to sleep he took a ship back to England

Chapter 22 Victor thought he did deserve happiness hadn't told anybody about the creature yet

Victor became calm her got a letter from Elizabeth Elizabeth asked Victor do you love somebody else she loved him and just wanted him to be happy Victor remembers the creature's threats that he would be with him on his wedding night V wrote to Elizabeth tell you the day after the marriage the horrible things I've done here rides home and Elizabeth looks crappy page 197

10 days later he marries Elizabeth if he knew now with the creature had planned he would've left right away Victor armed himself with pistols and daggers all the time

Victor got married went to the party left of the honeymoon the sunset chapter 23 8 PM rain near the end they went walking it was nice during the day but scary at night

Victor sent Elizabeth off to bed but didn't want to go until he knew where the monster was Victor arrived at the room after hearing a screen Elizabeth is dead on the bed lifeless

Victor passout people were surrounding him when he woke up people put a handkerchief on her face and she looked asleep Victor saw the monster in the window smiling and he the boxer pointed to Elizabeth V shot at him and the creature dove into the lake Victor tells the people and they help him look in the water but saw nothing

Victor collapsing cried when he saw her dead body and wept with the mourners that had gathered from the hotel Victor was worried that Ernest and his father were point to be killed next Victor hired men to row a boat and hired horses to get home quickly

there's nothing more painful than sudden change page 205

Victor got to the house and everyone is okay dad died a few days later of sadness V woke up months later in a dungeon for crazy people but they let him out of prison then he went to the judge and made accusations that judge was nice and he listened page 208 I devoted myself to his destruction the magistrate thought he was crazy

Chapter 24 decided to leave Geneva Switzerland he got money and jewels and he left Victor went to the family cemetery he heard a noise and he ran he followed him for many many months Victor got on a ship toward the Black Sea of Russia

Victor would ask peasants along the way that were scared which way the monster went and they would point Victor saw footprints in the snow Victor would find food and he thought it was left by spirits that were trying to help him

Victor killed food and gave some to peasants who gave him fire and utensils to eat with the creature wrote notes on trees he would write my rain is not yet over creature told him I go north because the cold doesn't bother me

the rivers ice overs so there was no more fish Victor was eating a lot of fish

Victor was gaining on the creature the creature was only one day ahead he got on a dogsled

the creature took all the food from the house and had guns

he swapped out his landslide for a cease led they were gone three weeks V saw the creature

there were dead dogs on his sled team so we had to take them off he kept seeing the creature's sled

the monster tricked him Victor was on a piece of floating ice towards the ship

Walton was writing notes to Margaret Walton thought it must all be true because Victor had the letters from sappy and Felix it took a week for Victor to tell his story to Walton

Walton wrote his sister that I surrounded them and the sailors wanted to go south they were going to have a mutiny if he didn't give up his foolish dream of going to the North Pole from Russia and if they got out of the ice they wanted him to go south and save them

Walton wanted to follow Frankenstein North if the ice broke after Victor dies on the boat captain Walton sees the creature standing

the captain Walton asked the creature to stay the creature said he was sad to kill Henry that happy to kill Elizabeth

page 229 evil became my good

the creature said he was going to die and a funeral fire and then he would be happy