Animal Farm is a parable that can be related to nearly any system of government ever used by humanity. This story was written to reflect the real-life situation of communism. All of the major characters of this story were created to resemble a character in the true drama of the communist rule of the Soviet Union. Old Major, the philosopher-pig with a dream, resembles Karl Marx, the man who wanted equality for all the workers of the world. Napoleon, the pig-half man, is like Vladimir Lenin, the man who twisted Marxism so that nearly half of the world was working as his slaves and they loved him for it. Boxer the draft horse resembles the workers of eastern Europe, who were convinced that Lenin was a great man as he worked them to death. Mr. Jones, the former owner of Manor Farm, represents the czars of Russia who were murdered so that Lenin could take over their position. These similarities were created intentionally to closer relate the story to reality.


George Orwell raises an interesting question with the close of this novel. As it ends nobody can discern between pigs and men. The pigs had risen up out of the muck to live as humans do, that is by enslaving all other creatures of god's creation. As the novel closed pigs lived and associated with men, acted like men, and proved themselves as capable of holding a position of leadership as any man. Through endless bickering, accusations, and general laziness men showed themselves as no greater than pigs. The enigma which arises from this situation is this: Is Humanity nothing but pigs or are pigs like humans with four legs and snouts? Napoleon the Pig is also an enigma to me. He used his fellow beasts' fascination with the philosophy of Old Major to manipulate them into working towards his goals. When he entered his position as supreme-commander-president-king of the Animal Farm, he seemed like a kind and just ruler.

As time went on he grew more and more tyrannical, beginning by lying to his subjects and eventually executing everyone who disagreed with him, all in the name of animalism. Although the pig exemplifies all the traits of humanity that I loathe, I know a filthy swine is in the place of power and I am but a common citizen. I am not sure about how I would feel if I were in the position of comrade Napoleon. On one hand, I would be happy that I was making out as a thief, but on the other hand I would feel guilt about treating my subjects as slaves. Napoleon is truly the king of all vermin, a position that I wish I could lower myself to fill. I think Animal Farm is an excellent story. The story is an invaluable educational tool for the purpose of relating the true story of communism to something that can be understood by people who have not experienced it for themselves. For this reason I would strongly recommend this story as not only a very informative parable but also as an enjoyable story for anyone with any knowledge of the Russian Revolution and the Cold War.