1.) After Jane explains her “dream” to Mr Rochester he vows to explain everything to her “In a year and a Day” after they are married. Is he just putting off the talk or do you think he is planning to kill or hospitalize his other wife?

2.) Rochester reveals his other wife Bertha and tells Jane and the others that she was a Creole he married in Jamaica. Do you feel sorry for her at this point? Did a foreign woman married to an aristocratic colonial ever have a chance?

3.) What do you think the real reason Rochester has hidden his other wife? Do you think he really hates hospitals would you think he is embarrassed that he brought a Creole woman who didn't fit in with his peers?

4.) While he criticizes Bertha's sexual excess, Rochester participates in his own with his three mistresses — Céline, Giacinta, and Clara. Do you think maybe Bertha isn’t really crazy at all she just was lusty and sexual and didn’t fit in to his ideal moral standard? She only went crazy after being locked up for a decade.

5.) Why wont anybody help Jane in the town? What does this tell you about Christian charity in the time?


6.) St. John's willingness to allow an unknown beggar into his home suggests compassion, something Jane hasn't often known. Why do you think she deserves to be saved?

7.) Jane did not succumb to the temptation to be Rochester's mistress so why do you think she is being punished by God?

8.) While Jane warns Hannah not to judge the poor, Jane is careful to erase all marks of poverty from her own appearance. Is Jane just as guilty of being class conscious?

9.) Why is St John so icy to Jane? Why bring in a beggar just to be stern to them? Do you think his character is the exact opposite of Rochester?

10.) Is Jane a big martyr? Do you think she could have come up with a few more options at Rochesters before running away like a child into the night?