1. Title. Working or Alternative Titles: Jane Eyre
  2. Author: Charlotte Brontë
  3. Date of Publication: ‎16 October 1847
  4. Genre: gothic romance, gothic fiction, social criticism
  5. Writing Techniques: 1st person from Jane Eyres point of view
  6. The Setting and How It Contributes to the Drama or Atmosphere: Jane has an incredibly difficult life. She is brought up in the house of aunt and his cruel to her. She then goes to a school where she's treated like an unwanted animal. Eventually she finds happiness and love with a mysterious man but it is of course doomed because he is are you married. The next section of the book he lives with a family that is real United with her lost love any and. The setting of two huge mansions of both her aunt and her love but both are empty and full of soul and an unhappy people. The first time she's truly happy is when she lives in a tiny cottage with the next family.
  7. central Conflict and How It Develops and Resolves. What is the climax? Related Minor Conflicts: The central conflict is Jane's inability to marry the man she wants because he is are you married someone else. The climax of the book is when right at the moment she's going to marry her beloved Rochester she discovers he is married to someone else.


  9. Major Characters: Jane Eyre, Edward Rochester, St. John Rivers
  10. Minor Characters: Mrs. Reed, Bessie Lee, Mr. Lloyd, Georgiana Reed,Eliza Reed, John Reed and Helen Burns
  11. Themes: class distinctions. Social expectations. Women having very few choices in life. The symbol of a huge mansion being empty of any feeling
  12. Symbols and Motifs: Substitute Mothers, Fire and Ice
  13. Plot Overview, Chronologically, Including the Setting and Movement from Place to Place (Be Brief! Three to five sentences!): The plot of the book is for major parts. In the beginning Jane is in her aunt's house being brought up by a wicked aunt who hates her. She is sent away then in the second part of the book to a school where she's mistreated and tortured daily for years. Jane then moves to a Gothic mansion and falls in love with the man who ends up being married to someone else. The fourth part of the book is when she moves into a small cottage with two sisters and a brother and lives happily for some time. At the end of the book she goes back to the Gothic mansion and lives with the man went to discovers the mansion has burned to the ground and he is living penniless any someone to take care of him because he is blind.
  14. What is Most Stunning about this Book: I think it is amazing that people think Rochester is a good guy. Rochester is an inhumane jerk who lies to everyone and is cold to Jane that the worst thing he did was lock up his wife for so many years. His wife is probably crazy because he locked her out and made her live within the Victorian world of women when she was used to living free and she couldn't take it and went crazy. I think it is most stunning that people believe Rochester is a hero in this.
  15. A Quote of Less than Ten Words to Memorize: "I am no bird; and no net ensnares me; I am a free human being, with an independent will”