Passage; “if he intends to ask for your hand I will stay no”

Tone; angry

Diction; irritated, annoyed

Symbolism; ring

Image; bride


Passage; “are you trying my patience I won't let you start acting crazy”

Tone; afraid

Diction; fearful, frightened

Symbolism; chicken

Image; insane asylum


Passage; “the words formed a lump in her throat and were choked one after another as they try to escape”

Tone; loneliness

Diction; seclusion, isolation

Symbolism; rose

Image; frying pan


Passage; “the baby's cries filled all the empty space in Tita's heart”

Tone; wonder

Diction; surprise, hopeful

Symbolism; birth

Image; swaddled child


Passage; “Mama Elena put her finger on the trigger and answered”

Tone; hopeless

Diction; bleak, impossible

Symbolism; pigeon

Image; empty pan



Passage; “those hands had rescued her from horror and she would never forget it”

Tone; timid

Diction; tentative, unsure

Symbolism; fire

Image; ghosts


Passage; “go play games with me you don't notice a bitter taste”

Tone; frightened

Diction; horrified, helpless

Symbolism; bitter taste

Image; bandits


Passage; “she didn't want her name to influence the child's destiny”

Tone; determined

Diction; unwavering, firm

Symbolism; steam

Image; meal


Passage; “it was the night that the ghost of Mama Elena first appeared”

Tone; worried

Diction; tenants, fearful

Symbolism; Kings bread

Image; horse


Passage; “you will be condemned to hell for talking to me like this!”

Tone; resigned

Diction; submissive, prepared to accept

Symbolism; oil lamp

Image; fireball


Passage; “I had the same right to marry as you did in you have no right to stand between two people who were deeply in love”

Tone; resentful

Diction; bitter, indignant

Symbolism; blood

Image; tornado


Passage; “I don't want to die without making you mine”

Tone; happiness

Diction; joy, bliss

Symbolism; tunnel

Image; burnt cookbook