1. Macbeth said it to Ross and Angus Macbeth is surprised to hear that they are calling him thane because the thane is still alive. Angus tells Macbeth that the thane has been sentenced to death so he is the new thane.
  2. Lady Macbeth is reading a letter from her husband alone in a room and she reads it out loud. She wants Macbeth to come home so she can talk him into going after what he wants the crown. She thinks fate and witchcraft both want him to be came in so to she says she's good at talking him into it.
  3. Lady Macbeth is talking to Macbeth after he murdered the King. She is saying that evidence of their guilt, the blood, can be washed off with some water and no one will ever know.
  4. Macbeth says this to himself when he sees a knife appear in a hallucination in front of his eyes. He pulled out a real knife and tries to grab at the other knife but finds that it's just a hallucination. It means he plans to kill the King and he about.
  5. Macbeth says this to Banquo right before they see the witches. I believe it means it's a nice day outside but they just came from a vicious battle.
  6. Lady Macbeth says it to Macbeth. Macbeth is starting to worry what if they fail and she tells him if they stick to the plan and he has courage they will not fail.
  7. Macbeth is saying this to himself he is talking about Duncan's good qualities and coming up with the list of reasons not to kill him.
  8. Duncan is saying this to Malcolm. Duncan is talking about how surprised he is that the thane of Cawdor has betrayed him because you wouldn't know it by looking at his face, he lies really well.
  9. Macbeth is saying this to himself that violence only creates more violence and that once you commit a violent act you can expect violence to happen to you. It's in the speech where he writes the list of reasons you shouldn't murder the king.
  10. Macbeth is saying this to himself in the same speech where he lists the reasons you shouldn't kill King Duncan he is saying here that he has no reason but ambition to kill him that Duncan's a good man and that he shouldn't do it so he feels guilty.
  11. Lady Macbeth says this to herself while reading. She worries that Macbeth is too nice to want to be King and doesn't have enough ambition or rage to do what it takes to become a King.
  12. The first witch says this. It means she cannot make his ship disappear but she can make him miserable. She makes this man miserable to prove that she is very powerful they chose her as somebody Macbeth should take seriously.
  13. Macbeth says this to McDuff. He tells him this because he wants him to understand he's killed his whole family already. So he has enough to still guilty about.
  14. Banquo says this to Macbeth after the witches are calling him the new King and he is telling Macbeth that he couldn't hate him and he wants to know how he really feels about the prophecy.
  15. Lady Macbeth says this as an excuse why she didn't kill King Duncan herself because while he was sleeping he looked like her father.


  17. Macbeth is saying this to himself. He is trying to be quiet and creep around he has vision of a dagger appearing before him but really he's just scared of killing Duncan
  18. Porter says this and he is drunk and making jokes. Beelzebub is another name for the devil
  19. Banquo said this he is worried that since everything that the witches said did come true and that Macbeth has become King he tells him that don't forget that the witches said your sons wouldn't be King but mine would.
  20. Macbeth says this to Macduff because he wants to fight and doesn't want to give up and be captured.
  21. Said by the Third Appartition that tells Macbeth that he can be King his whole natural life and not to worry. Macbeth is going crazy with guilt.
  22. said by the Second Apparation and tells Macbeth not to worry that he can only be killed by supernatural forces. Macbeth is going crazy with guilt.
  23. Macduff is speaking to Malcolm and telling him that he is been tricked before, he does not believe that Malcolm should be King
  24. Macbeth tells this to Macduff. Macbeth was worried about being killed but he was told he could only be killed by somebody who was not born from their mother and Macduff told him he was cut out of his mother and now Macbeth is worried.
  25. Macduff says this when he finds out that his wife and all of his children are dead and now all he wants is revenge.
  26. Macbeth is talking to himself here and use full of self-pity and remorse for everything he is done.
  27. The three witches say this together. I believe it means that the witches by giving him good advice and everything they see his ugly but they have not lied to him.
  28. Macbeth says this because he is learned that Malcolm is King and he knows that he doesn't want anyone to see the horrible things he's thinking about doing
  29. Macbeth says this to his wife she wants him to be fake at a party and be extra nice to Banquo so he doesn't know anything is going on
  30. Macbeth says this because he is guilty of looking at all the blood on his hands and he is starting to hallucinate and lose his mind
  31. Lady Macbeth says this she feels guilty and think she still has blood on her hands even though she is has washed them for a long time
  32. Macbeth says this isn't feel he deserved sleep he feels guilty and everything is waking him up
  33. Lady Macbeth says this she feels it would be better to have nothing then to be wracked with guilt
  34. Lady Macbeth says this she tells Macbeth ~try to look innocent and act normal so they don't get caught
  35. Macbeth says this he is telling Lady Macbeth that Duncan is a lucky one because he doesn't worry about anything anymore now that he's dead and all Macbeth does is worry
  36. the second Witch said it. It means when the noise of a battle is done and one side has lost and one side has won
  37. Porter says this he is joking about letting people inside the door
  38. Macduff is talking about his wife and all of his children dying at the same time and how he wants to take revenge on Macbeth