Macbeth is a tragic Shakespearean play about a powerful man who lost everything due to greed. Within the play Shakespeare incorporated some very interesting plot twists, demonstrated the weakness of men, and had many different character viewpoints which always kept the plot going, making this play an enjoyable read.

At the beginning of the play Macbeth’s death was foretold by three witches. The predictions they made were vague and obscene which made me doubt the likeliness of their words coming true. They told Macbeth that his death would be caused by a man seeking vengeance who was not born of a woman. Because this idea was so strange to me I was shocked to see events unfold to how the witches said they would. The plot twist was that Shakespeare told us from the beginning how the play would end, which I didn’t really like.


Nevertheless, I enjoyed reading how a man like Macbeth became so corrupted. He knew that he would make it to the crown one day with all the honor he had, but doubted his conscience and listened to his wife instead. His wife leading him to make the decisions he did, shows how powerful a woman actually can be to a man. Though being a woman, I did not like the portrayal of a woman manipulating the man she loved. Macbeth was a mighty man who was well-liked and respected at first; I believe he would have become king the proper way if he had just been patient instead of listening to his wife. Seeing such a powerful man become so weak is interesting to know how one can be so heavily influenced.

Because the play included different viewpoints the audience was able to know what all the characters were doing and thinking throughout the play. I relished all these viewpoints, because it kept the story updated on all events during the play, so I never became bored with one person's thoughts or actions. However, with all the different viewpoints one can get lost within the plot of who wants what.

Macbeth is a tragedy, and for my personal enjoyment I do not like sad endings. I do like Shakespeare thus why I read it. However, Macbeth will not be a favorite because of it