Lewis Carroll has an unique writing style;it is unlike anything that I have read before. His use of words give a sharp image in the reader's head, just like as if they were actually there. He uses excellent imagery. His descriptions on every single character was great,and that was one thing that I enjoyed. An example of his descriptions is in the beginning of chapter six, when Alice sees a footman in front of a house. Carroll describes the footman "with a found face,and large eyes like a frog". He is one of the few authors that take the time to describe the supplementary characters. The main character is , of course, Alice. She is very adventurous, and this is seen throughout the book. Anyting that she sees that is new, she will try it. In the very beginning of her adventures, she sees a potion that is laying around, and in hopes of getting into the garden that she saw earlier, she drank some of it, just because it said "drink me". The potion made her very small, which eventually became an adventure within itself. Another example was when she went to play croquet with the queen. They played croquet with hedgehogs as balls and flamingoes has sticks. Alice didn't care what the adventure was, as long as she was a part of it. She also didn't hesistate to express her opinions. When the queen was executing everyone in her path, Alice spoke up about what she was doing.


People who like adventuruous characters would like Alice. The theme of this book to me is if you see something new, you should try it just for the fun of doing something new. It is shown by Alice's different adventures, like what I mentioned in the previous paragraphs. I didn't really get the plot of this story. I thought that it was to get to the garden that she saw in the beginning of the book. I think that I didn't get it because Carroll jumped from one adventure without finishing the previous one. That is one of the reasons why I gave this book three stars out of five. I didn't like this story, partially because it was fantasy. I just read it to try something different.I would recommend this book to readers who like reading fantasy and who like to use their imaginations while reading. I don't know why it is a big children's classic, but I didn't like when I was in elementary school and I still don't like it in high school. This book will most likely never become one of my favorite classics. Overall, "Alice in Wonderland" wasn't very effective to me.