• Holden Caulfield 17 goes to boarding school Pencey
  • his brother is named DB lives in Hollywood, drives a Jaguar car, wrote the book The Secret Goldfish about a kid who wouldn’t let people see his fish because he had paid for it himself
  • C left the fencing foils in the subway and everybody was mad at him


  • he was kicked out of the school, it’s the fourth school he was kicked out of last school called Elkton it was full of phonies
  • everyone was at a football game and he wanted to go see a teacher


  • Ward Stradlater was his roommate, Next room over was Ackley he was 6’4″ and a senior nobody liked him he had bad teeth and pimples
  • C started to mess around with S he pretended to be blind pulled his hat down over his eyes S told him he was wearing hunting hat
  • S had a date to the football game
  • Ackley hated S because he told him to brush his teeth and C defended his roommate but he secretly hated him too
  • S asked to borrow C hound tooth jacket for his state that he was worried that his shoulders were too big and heat stretch it out
  • C thought S was very good-looking with a perfect body


  • S was a slob but he thought he was gorgeous he asked C to write a composition for him and it had to be descriptive and read 100 pages of the history book told him not to write it too well you get caught
  • C got S in a wrestling move for fun made him mad
  • S’s date was someone he knew named Jean Gallagher she used to live next to him
  • Jean like to play checkers and lineup hurricanes in the back and never move them and she was a dancer he talked on and on about her, her stepfather was a writer and a booze hound
  • C became manic and kept talking about her and said he was a nervous wreck was listening to him, C TOLD S not to say he was kicked out of the school


  • -had stake on Saturday in case Terrance came one Sunday so they could say they had steak night before
  • it is snowing outside C didn’t have a date decided to go to town with Mal and Ackley
  • make fun of Ackley took him five hours to get ready and wanted to know who is going like you was doing a favor for you just going
  • C liked the snow because everything looked perfect he did not want to throw snow balls and mess it up
  • got on the bus bus driver said he couldn’t bring his snowball with him
  • Mal Brossard and Ackley had hamburgers and played pinball took the bus back didn’t see a movie the left like hyenas anyway so it was okay
  • Brossard wanted to play card game Bridge, Ackley wanted to hang out put his head in Caulfield’s pillow
  • Cooley said he had sex this summer for that it sounded fake Changing story
  • Caulfield had to write composition for S
  • he was supposed to write a descriptive house essay that he decided to write about his brother Allies left-hander baseball mitt
  • very descriptive he wrote poems in green pen on the minute so he could read them out in the field, his brother is dead now he got leukemia and died on July 18, 1946
  • he had red hair he never got mad, when Caulfield was 13 they were going to have him psychoanalyze because he broke all the windows in the garage
  • when his brother died he slept in the garage he broke all the windows he tried to break the ones on the station wagon that his hand was broken he can’t make a fist any more
  • took him an hour to write about it he had the mitt with him so he took out the mitt and wrote down all the homes and change the names so it looks like S brother in the composition
  • Ackley’s snoring he had bad teeth halitosis bad fingernails and pimples



  • Stradlater came home from the date C was a nervous wreck, thanked him for letting him wear his hounds tooth jacket
  • yelled at him for writing about a baseball glove instead of a house why couldn’t he just do one thing right
  • C ripped up his composition and threw it away and then lit a cigarette in the dark he asked about Jane and said it was late and asked if she had to sign in late
  • C thought he was horrible and that he hated him
  • C started to interrogate him and asked him what he did all night and S said they sat around in a car
  • C got mad and went and tried to hit him hard but we got them on the side of the head and S got up and pinned him to the floor and yelled at him and told him that he had to shut up instead of suck them
  • C called him a John’s son of a bitch over and over and said he didn’t even know if her name was Jane or Jean
  • S got up and left went to the bathroom looked worried C wash his face
  • C found his hat and put it back on he had blood all over his mouth and chin and on his pajamas and bathrobe he’d only been into fights in his life and he lost both of them he wasn’t tough but a pacifist he went into Ackley’s room


  • Ackley asked what the fight was about and C turned on the light Ackley said he was bleeding C asked if he wanted to play cards
  • C wanted to sleep Ackley’s roommates bed because he was always gone until Sunday night
  • C old him the fight was about Ackley. He said S told him he had a lousy personality and he he was defending him
  • C looked outside and wish to instead he was lonely he made fun of Ackley some more then laid down
  • C was obsessed with whether S had sex with Jane or not
  • Ackley fell asleep, C heard S come back but he didn’t look for him he just turned off the light
  • C woke Ackley up and asked what you needed to do to join a monastery to have to be Catholic and he started to make fun of the church and Ackley got mad
  • sarcastically got up and shook his hand and thanked him for being a prince and C
  • C decided not to stay at school and to Wednesday he was going to leave right then and go to New York and stay in an inexpensive hotel take it easy until Wednesday
  • he knew the letter saying he'd been kicked out get there Monday or Tuesday and he didn’t want to be there when his mother gets hysterical
  • C said he needed a vacation because his nerves were shot
  • he went to his room turned on the light and started packing and S didn’t even wake up
  • got depressed packing because he had new ice skates that he just got from his mom she brought the wrong kinds he wanted racing she got hockey every time someone gives him a present it ends up making him sad
  • he had a lot of money his grandmother had sent him she sends him money for her birthday four times a year
  • he sold his typewriters for 20 bucks it cost 90
  • he had his red hunting hat on and he was almost crying he turned the peak around to the back the way he liked it and yelled “sleep tight ya morons” loudly


  • too late to call a cab so he walked to the station it was cold and snowing had to wait 10 min. for a train
  • washed his face and snow it was still bloody
  • talk about dumb stories in magazines with Tony people in it he took off his hat
  • a lady got on in Trenton and sat really close to him
  • she was very good-looking woman C says he is not oversexed but quite sexy
  • the and asked if he went to Pencey and if he knew her son Ernest Morrow
  • he said yes C thought he was the biggest bastard that ever went there. He didn’t tell her that she asked his name and he told her the janitors name
  • woman talked about how her son is too sensitive and thought he was as sensitive as a toilet seat
  • she seemed nice but mothers are all slightly insane she was sexy smoking he had blood on him and said that he was hit by a snowball
  • he started talking about her son and how popular he was old Ernie said all the kids wanted Ernie to be president of the class but another boy was elected altered his son was too shy and modest
  • C thought and real life her son would snap towels at people trying to hurt them he was can it be a rat his whole life
  • the woman asked him why he was going home so soon that her son wasn’t coming home until Wednesday and he said he had to have an operation because he had that little tumor on his brain but it wasn’t serious
  • he regretted lying to her because she looks so sad he tried to stop line but he was really good at it they didn’t talk a lot after that she read a magazine
  • as she was leaving she invited him to visit in the summer but he said he was going to South America with his grandmother and he would never visit her rotten son anyway