• Jeannie is now 35 which is twice 17 she is almost 40 and her husband Joe is almost 50. Been married 20 years
  • Joe hit Jeannie because she said he was old and fat in front of everybody in town
  • after the fight Joe moved downstairs and slept there in the house
  • Joe got his food from old Lady Davis who cooked for him
  • Joe went to a fake doctor Cheney calls the fake Doctor a Multiplied Cockroach
  • Joe would not see Jeannie in his bed when he got so sick
  • Cheney sent for Dr. in Orlando the real Dr. said Joe’s kidneys were not good and the doctors said Joe needed at Dr. two years ago
  • when death comes out wingless bird shadows over the town

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  • God smashes glitter and covers up people with mud Jeannie thinks she is a mud ball and she needs to find her shine
  • when Joe dies he had the best funeral in orange county they had a Cadillac and Buick carriage the colors were cold red and purple Joe was a little emperor and he came out like he went
  • after the funeral she put down her hair and burnt up all the head rags Joe used to make her wear
  • six months after Joe dies she wears black and doesn’t entertain any men on her porch
  • she said Hexakiah to receive the rent even though he is only 17 years old because she doesn’t feel like she can do is
  • Phoebe her friend wants her to date and undertaker that wants to marry her
  • Tea Cake got to the store by accident because he went to the wrong field for the baseball game that everybody went to
  • tea cakes real name is Vergible Woods
  • TK Creuset take her to the Sunday school picnic he worked hard so you could buy all the ingredients from another store that she does not own so they can go