I remember it like it was yesterday, the best night of my life. My best friend Lisa and I have been sneaking out to raves in Seattle since we were 14. Late in October of our senior year in high school we went to a huge rave in Seattle with a cosmic Disney theme. I dressed up as Ursula and Lisa dressed up as Aurora. It was the most intense, exciting ecstasy fueled weekend I will ever have.

School was boring, as always, so we skipped out on Thursday and used our “five finger discount” at Rite Aid to procure black and blonde hair dye. We went back to my house smoked a couple doobies and dyed our hair. We were so high I cut up my homecoming dress so it would be perfect for the rave on Friday night. We went to my mom’s room and took her best light blue business suit and turned it into the perfect Cinderella dress for Lisa. By the time my mom figures out I don’t have a homecoming dress and her business suit is trashed we will be long gone in Seattle.

Now that we were dressed up as Aurora and Ursula we decided to get a head start on the fun times and dropped our first ecstasy then, I mean why wait right? Oh my God it was so funny we walked down to the ferry and everyone was so jealous of how cool we looked. All the morons stupid enough to go to school that day were starting to shuffle out of the school as we passed and everyone was pointing at us. I just yelled a few times “jealous much?” We were getting so much attention, half the school had checked us out before we got to the edge of campus. When you look this good I guess it is to be expected!


We had enough of rubbing it in to the local loser population so we decided to hop on the ferry and start the party early. There was a table of mom jean wearing women that came over and asked us if we were okay. What losers! As if we need the help of some mom jean wearing 40-year-old who has forgotten what it was like to be young and awesome, pathetic.

The colors downtown were amazing when you're high as a kite. We went to the sculpture Park to score some more ecstasy. We met the nicest guys down there. Two guys wanted to hook up with us right away and Lisa thought about it, but I said we could do better. This one really cool guy named Pepper hooked us up with directions to the best party. We used almost half our money to score some more pot and a few more ecstasy hits and went to the party.

The next two days were a blur of excitement and fun. I don’t exactly remember everything but I know we had an awesome time. It would have been the perfect weekend if my loser mother didn’t call the cops on us. We were picked up as “runaways” on Monday morning somewhere on Capitol Hill. I hate her so much. A bunch of stupid stuff happened after that, it doesn’t really matter. Mom made go to the doctor to get “checked out”. Just because you don’t remember doesn’t mean anything bad happened, why does she have to be such a kill joy?

After my three day hold at Kitsap mental health they let me go back to Bainbridge high school. Everyone was staring at me and pointing at me the next two months, God they were so jealous!