I’ve only seen modern art once before at the Seattle Art Museum. When I went last time I saw pictures like white on orange and gray on black. I couldn’t believe these works of “art” were worth any money at all. I was not looking forward to going again to see more modern art for the new show Pop Departures. I was really surprised to find out how much I enjoyed Pop Departures. I enjoy just about every piece at the show. My favorite three artists were Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol and Margarita Cabrera.

Roy Lichtenstein paints what looked like comic book panels with funny sayings. There’s a really bright red one called Varoom that reminds me of the words Batman and Robin used to say in the old Batman show on TV.

Andy Warhol had two paintings I really liked, one was of Marilyn Monroe in bright orange and blue. I like this one because I instantly recognized who she was even though it had pretty washed out details. The other painting I liked was of Mao Tse-tung. He looks so feminine and silly, it was fun.


The show also has newer modern art pieces including my favorite of the whole show a nearly full-size yellow Volkswagen bug by Margarita Cabrera from 2004. It was made out of vinyl or plastic with some pieces of a real car in it as well. It was funny because it almost looked like it was melting.

I liked all the pieces from the show. Some of them were grocery products that were painted or metal and some were painted canvases but they all had two things in common, they were making fun of consumer culture and they were funny. I didn’t know this art movement was part of modern art but I will have to look for more of these shows in the future.