Naturalization to confer upon (an alien) the rights and privileges of a citizen.

Immigration moving 1 country to another

Migration move from place to another inside the same country new jersey to maryland

Alien (not the outer-space type)
a resident born in or belonging to another country who has not acquiredcitizenship by naturalization (distinguished from citizen ).

“Green Card” what immigrants need to work (in the US) a permit allowing a foreign national to live and work permanently in the US.

Visa an endorsement on a passport indicating that the holder is allowed to enter, leave, or stay for a specified period of time in a country.

Refugee a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster.

Amendments 13–19
13 abolished slavery throughout the nation
14 all people born or naturalized in the United States are citizens
15 barred all states from denying African-American males the right to vote
16 gave congress the power to pass income tax
17 required the direct election of citizens
18 banned the making, selling, or transporting of alcoholic beverages in the US (called prohibition)
19 gave women the right to vote

Quota limiting by nationality the number of immigrants who may enter the US each year

Chinese Exclusion Act 1882 limited the flow of Chinese immigration to 105 people a year

  • Old Immigrants (1840s–1880s)
    • Potato Famine (1840s) — Irish immigration
    • Mid-1800s Industrial Revolution swept through Germany, France and Belgium — causing people to leave Europe for land and space in US
    • Homestead Act (1862)
  • New Immigrants (1880s–early 1900s)
    • Industrialization swept through Southern and Eastern Europe causing immigration of Italians, Slavs and Jews


Philanthropy desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.

Vertical Integration own 10 lumber mills and the land and the trees and the chainsaw store so everything to do with the process of lumber mills

Horizontal Integration a corporation that has a number of firms in the same practice for example owning 10 lumber mills

Monopoly a situation in which a single company owns all of the market for one product or service


Capital wealth in the form of money or other assets owned by a person or organization or available or contributed for a particular purpose such as starting a company or investing.

Social Darwinism


Labor Union



Muckraking to search for real or alleged corruption especially in politics

Jim Crow



Federal Reserve




Cult of True Womanhood


Class (socioeconomic kind)