The Articles of Confederation had many problems when it was first written mainly to limit the power of the government so much that it would never become too powerful or
oppressive such as the English over the former American colonies.

Problems with Articles of Confederation

  1. The government was designed to be very weak, giving states the most power
  2. Huge debt from the Revolutionary War (about $50 million)
  3. Central government could not control fiscal or monetary policy
  4. The government could not enforce any of the decisions that it made
  5. Needed unanimous support from all of the 13 states to change the Articles of Confederation
  6. The paper money was worthless
  7. No power to tax


Resolution of these problems

  1. Make government with three branches — Legislative, Executive, Judicial (separation of powers)
  2. Disperses powers allowing for a system of checks and balances
  3. Each branch has some power over the
    others so that no one branch becomes too powerful. Also protects against tyranny

Federalism — two levels of government — national and state Constitution gives much more power to the federal govt.

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