Camp David Accords 1979

-Israel and Egypt make peace.

-Egypt was the first to recognize Israel as a country.

-The Sinai Peninsula was returned to Egypt. Israel took it from them in 1967.

-Other countries boycotted Egypt for making a treaty with Israel.

Palestinian Intifada 1987

-An intifada is a mass uprising. There was an intifada against Israel that began in Gaza and spread through the West Bank.

-There were acts of civil disobedience and general strikes on Israeli products.

-International attention was gained because of stone throwing demonstrations against heavily armed troops.

-More than 1000 Palestinian civilians were killed.


Oslo Peace Process 1993

-When Rabin was elected a period of Israeli Arab peacemaking took place.

-Israel lifted a ban on PLO participants in meetings in Washington.

-Because of their weakness after the Gulf War the PLO wanted to make peace talks work.

-The Palestinians recognize Israel in return for a phased dismantling of Israel’s occupation.