1.) On January 22, 1855, Suquamish leaders, led by Chief Seattle, signed the Treaty of Point Elliott at Mukilteo. The Suquamish gave up title to their lands, which encompassed most of present Kitsap County, for acknowledgement and protection of their fishing and hunting rights, health care, education and a reservation at Port Madison. Was this a mistake by Chief Seattle?

2.) The Suquamish kept the peace with the Anglo-European settlers, but had numerous run-ins with other tribes, especially the Duwamish. Are there still problems with the Duwamish? Do tribes have “enemies” still? What did the Duwamish do?

3.) When the Allotment program went into effect on the Port Madison Reservation. About 5,910 acres were allotted to 39 natives, and 1,375 acres remained unassigned. What is the status of these allotments now?


4.) What one thing could the federal government had done during your lifetime do you think would have made life better for your tribe?

5.) A question on the last Sherman Alexie exam was..What does the Spokane tribe want? And I had no idea what the answer was. So I will ask you. What does the Suquamish Tribe want?