1. “I didn’t want to tell my daughter she couldn’t go because of the color of her skin “. It is hard to imagine that this ever really took place. An amusement park seems like it would be open for anybody who had enough money to purchase a ticket. It is sad that this was a reality in this time period.
  2. “I thought I could answer most of the questions people asked of me but I was speechless” I like this quote the best because children asked the simplest questions and they can leave you scratching your head how to answer them because you don’t want to disappoint them. I suppose in their head it probably looks so obvious she saw an ad on TV so it must be open and she wants to go that she is allowed and she’s too little to really understand why.


  4. “Fun town and every other town will be open to all of God’s children because we’re going to work for it” I like this quote to because of course fun town and every other town is open to everybody because of the works of people like Martin Luther King.