Dear Mom & Dad,

Thank you so much for the opportunity to convey my feelings, in words, about something really important to me. I would really love a cell phone for Christmas. I understand it is a huge financial burden for our family, but I believe it will make me safer, I will feel more like a responsible adult and my track record of responsibility will prove that I am worthy of this generous gift.

I would feel more like a responsible young adult if I owned a cell phone. There have been many times I needed to contact you where a cell phone would have made both of our lives so much easier. It would not only be more convenient, it would also make me feel safer. I would feel better having a way to contact you if I was ever stranded or in a potentially dangerous situation. Cell phones are a first line of defense in any emergency. I can recall clearly the night the football bus dropped me off past midnight at the ferry terminal not at the school after a game. Mom was waiting at the school to pick me up and I sat at the ferry terminal for over an hour until a total stranger allowed me to use his cell phone. The phone has many layers of security from the ability to make a call during an emergency to GPS technology that would allow you to track my whereabouts in case of a medical emergency or a car accident.


I understand that there is a significant financial burden to owning a cell phone although I believe some of this could be alleviated by adding me to your existing cell phone plan. Most of my friends already have a cell phone. I would feel so much more confident having one of my own. I have shown my ability to handle responsibility in many ways over the years. My room is always neat and tidy and I take excellent care of everything I own. You can be assured that if given the opportunity I will take excellent care of a phone and never abuse the privilege of owning one.

I work very hard at school and in Running Start. My cumulative GPA is 3.8. I have never been in trouble in or out of school. I treat you two and my brother with the upmost respect at all times and I work hard every day to earn your love and trust. I have rarely asked for anything over the last 16 years, but I am asking for this. A cell phone is a rite of passage and a huge responsibility that I feel I deserve.

Thank you for your considering my request. I hope you guys decide to do this for me. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to showcase the responsible young man you have brought me up to be.

Thank You