1939 France and Great Britain declare war on Germany September 3
9/1/1939 Hitler attacks his own radio station attendant it was: in order to send troops to Poland

12/7/1941 pearl harbor
5/8/1945 victory in europe
8/6/1945 hiroshima Japan atomic bomb dropped
8/9/1945 nagasaki atomic bomb drop
8/14/1945 end of ww2
6/6/1944 d-day Normandy landings
1945 feb 4 yalta conference
6/22/1941 poland falls to germany
Nov 11 1918 WWI end
Paris Peace Conference 1919

JAPAN invaded Manchuria US told Japan it would apply economic sanctions unless Japan withdrew from French Indochina in 1940. Pearl Harbor more than 2400 Americans were killed 1000 Americans were wounded 18 US ships were destroyed nearly the whole fleet

ITALY fascism and Mussolini’s Italy. Extreme nationalism, fascist propaganda slogans They spread propaganda, they had control over all forms of mass media like newspapers and radio. They had youth groups Mussolini’s nickname il duce Mussolini Prime Minister? 1922

RUSSIA after WWI and Marx In March of 1917 due to WWI shortages caused major protests in St. Petersberg. Bread Bolsheviks faction of the Marxist party called Russian social Democrats government controlled industries between 1920–1922 5 million people died starved March 1921 new economic policy NEP Lenin abandon war communism but some capitalist things remain 1922 Lenin and the Communist create new state called Union of Soviet Socialist republics armistice signed between Russia and Germany and what was it called? Treaty of Brest Litovsk March 3, 1918 Bolshevik army leader? Lenin Red Army is the Communist. Nicholas II become Czar of Russia? 1894 Russia’s first parliament? Duma NEP controlled heavy industry, banking and mines. Steel production 4–8 mill tons purges? Purges mean removal of old Bolsheviks. Stalin purged. Marx believed the history of society? class struggles between oppressor and oppressed communism the people serve the state and in socialism the states serves the people


GERMANY After ww1 called Weimar Republic went through 3 economic first from 1919 until the Dawes Plan in 1924 Great Depression strike? 1929 Hitler National Socialist Nazis, Elected chancellor? 1932 totalitarian control by doing what? employed economic policies, mass spectacles, organizations to further Nazi goals, used terror Hitler’s nickname Mein Furror Kristallnacht 1938 Germans destroyed Jewish businesses

Total Dead: 60–80 million Jews killed in the Holocaust 5–6 million

Yalta Feb 4 1945 Russia will fight against Japan within 90 days after the defeat of Germany

Potsdam 26 of July broadcaster Japan threaten total distraction unless to Japanese surrendered going to drop Atomic bomb Hiroshima 1st then Nagasacki 2nd . lebensraum mean? living space through expansion the right superior countries to rule weak.

Battle of the Bulge December through January 1945 US fights Germany 75,000 Americans killed. Armistice peace treaty Sanctions restrictions intended to enforce international law Isolationism apart from political affairs of other countries Appeasement Britian let Germany and Japan take over countries to try and keep Totalitarian government control the political economic social intellectual and cultural lives of citizens dictator complete obedience to state autocracy system of government with one person in absolute power authoritarian favoring the government at the expense of personal freedoms Reichstag the German Parliament Politburo policymaking committee of Communist Party Communism state controls all aspects of life, emphasis on economic equality, victory for proletariat because classes equal socialism a system where the government owns and controls the means of production self-determination people inside of the country can decide what other country would control them