1 Describe Puritan values. What did Puritans feel was important in families? What were important obligations? Beliefs?

Being a Puritan was all about family, God and community. Puritans felt that morality was very important in families. Children were to be kept in line at all times. Almost everyone was related to each other and the church was very important in their lives. Puritans had the obligation to take care of everyone including the elderly and single people. The Puritans believed in God and morality.

2 How were Puritan families organized? Fathers were the head of the household everything revolved around the father of the house. Sons did not inherit their father’s wealth until the father died so often they married very late. Everyone was expected to work in some way to bring money into a household. Children were expected to behave at a young age and teenagers are often apprentices in other people’s houses. Neighbors took care of each other’s children.


3 What was the role of women in Puritan society? Women took care of children , farmed the land and sometimes took and work cutting patterns for clothing. Women were expected to be subservient to their husbands and do it they told them to do. They had to live by a strict moral code. Many women were beaten by their husbands and although they had rights they never did anything about it.

4 What were the expectations for Puritan women and Puritan wives? Puritan women were expected to be very moral and Puritan wives did what they there husbands told them to do. Neighbors often looked in on each other and if marriages weren’t going well they stepped in to help.

5 Describe the life of a Puritan child. Children have to grow up very fast they started wearing adult close by age 7 and by the time they were teenagers they were expected to have an idea of what kind of work they wanted to do later in life they were apprentices for those jobs. Were thought to be sinful by nature so they were beaten routinely to whip the evil out of them. Men and women both married late in life women in their 20s and men in their mid-20s