Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell is the story of one man’s nightmare as he pursues a forbidden love affair in a world ruled by power and structure that controls their information, thought, and memory. 1984 is a haunting tale. This tale exposes the destruction of truth, freedom and individuality.

This was a good read, a twisted one, a weird one, and kind of creepy. In a nut shell it is a world where government who says they are right about everything and is in control of everything. If they 2+2=5 that is what it is.


There are many messages that the author is trying to tell us. This book was written in 1949 so some things seem a bit outdated but I still think there are messages that can be pondered on from this book. The first one being the corruptive temptation of power. In the book Russia attempts to seize the world for itself. Today it makes us ponder if the government has too much power. Should they have the right to decide the final verdict on abortion, marriage and religion? Some days it seems even in our own government once someone is put into that kind of power they have a hard time losing it they maneuver into different seats is this really the right thing is really good for us as the people. Another one is control. This book focuses on a lot about what freedoms have been taken away. The government controls what is truth and what is not. They seem to think if they control the truth they control the people. How many of us don’t give the whole truth to the people around us to control them?

It is a scary book because of what our world looks like now. How some days it feels like our country is going down that path. Even scarier is the movie in my opinion. It can even feel a bit depressing at times to think someday our world may look like this.