Essay 1

The purpose of hate in the dystopian society of George Orwell's 1984 is to give society something to focus on other than the condition of their own life. You would think that all of this hate directed at a particular enemy would actually mean the government wanted the people to be angry at the enemy but that's not true at all. Big brother wants to control all the people through manipulation sleep deprivation and starvation. Hate was the allegory to the real enemy free thought.

Big Brother manipulates every aspect of life in the dystopian 1984 universe. They distort language and information that people receive. They don't allow anyone to hold any idea in their minds because they constantly use doublethink. Because it is impossible to hold simultaneously two opposite ideas doublethink takes away your ability to think about anything logically. Ironic ideas like “war is peace freedom is slavery ignorance is strength” are examples of doublethink. They also use hate as a weapon against the populace. Between doublethink and hate of an enemy they cannot define the people are constantly manipulated into being angry at everyone else in the world except for big brother.

The use of telescreens produces propaganda to play continual stories about hate leads to sleep deprivation in the people. Sleep deprivation and exhaustion from the constant words coming out of the telescreens does not allow people to sit down and have rational thought. The telescreens are on night in day and cannot be turned off or turn down very much. Hearing the constant hate spewing out of the walls furthers the resistance of the people to block the messages by big brother.

The Ministry of Plenty is starving the population. Starvation leads to a desperation and further degrades people's ability to think rationally. The purpose of starvation is to allow the hate from big brother to sink in until they can be totally controlled by their torturers, which is of course big brother.

Hate is used to control people in George Orwell's 1984 through manipulation, sleep deprivation and starvation. The people don't even understand who they hate. The people have lost all will to fight back because of the conditions that they live in and being able to blame someone in the form of some unknown enemy allows people to focus all of their rage and anger on the enemy instead of realizing that big brother is in fact the enemy.


Essay 2

In George Orwell's 1984 hate allows people to focus all of their anxiety and anger towards an unknown enemy instead of focusing on the fact that the government itself is what should be hated. Hate speech allows people to blame someone for their problems and let them all work together to defeat this unknown enemy. The irony is the enemy is the government itself.

Big brother controls every aspect of the lives of the people and allows no free thought. The government controls all information. People are tricked with propaganda into believing that they are fighting a common enemy and that the government is on their side.

The world that our hero Winston lives in is full of deprivation and sadness. Orwell uses vivid imagery to allow us to see and feel everything Winston does. Nothing works in his apartment or in his building and he has to walk over rubble in the streets to get everywhere. Most people are on the verge of starvation although the ironically named Ministry of Plenty assures them that everything is great. He is under constant surveillance from big brother and understands that even thinking outside of the norm will cost him nothing but pain.

The imagery used in 1984 shows the desperation of Winston to escape his life. George Orwell describes the town and the city and vivid details that allow very little hope to escape. He uses similes comparing a helicopter to a type of bug called a bluebottle. It brings out the insectlike qualities of the helicopter comparing it to a bug. He also compares rage of blowlamp, which is like a blowtorch. He uses similes often in the book which allow you to feel the emotions that Winston must've felt in this dystopian world.

Orwell uses allegory using people who scream and yell at the two minutes of hate to stand for a larger idea of conformity and following big brother without knowing why. Orwell uses allegory to add layers of meaning to the novel. Hate speech stands for something larger than what it literally stands for. Orwell has a clear political point of view and he shows you how he views the world and how he wishes the world would be.

Hate speech allowed the people to focus all of their energies and time on an enemy that was far away. The real enemy was using mind control and manipulation to force the people to stay in line and follow the brother through whatever horrors it wanted to inflict on them.