Matthew Clay had his reasons for keeping his emotional distance from everyone. No one knew better than him that whenever you loved something or always lost them. It was better to protect your heart in advance.

Jaimie Greene is the new temporary housekeeper. She is there because her brother's wife, Maggie, was having a very difficult pregnancy and was forced to bed rest until she delivers. Maggie was the housekeeper until then. Jaimie is a 'city girl' and according to Matthew...she don't belong on a ranch. Jaimie is an excellent cook, housekeeper, loves children and is totally devoted to helping Maggie. She tries to avoid Matthew whenever possible.


When Jaimie and Matthew can't avoid each other, then sparks fly, literally. She has a sassy mouth and isn't afraid to use it on him. She has a tender heart and would adopt every single animal on that ranch if she could and keep it for a pet. If only she didn't have to put up with that big, grouchy bear. They are so different. But that doesn't stop the intense attraction. Matthew tries hard to avoid it, but he can't.

This story flows seamlessly from beginning to end. From the difficult pregnancy throughout the difficult attraction.