This is one of those grand gems of English literature, also it was one of Dicken's first historical novels, since many of his other works, experiments in style, strayed away with its ramblings rather than followed the consistency of a formula story. If a reader is looking for an easily accessible book written by the world's greatest literary genius, they should read this book, rather than his other notable works, except "Great Expectations", which is a phenomenal work. His characterizations, command of dialogue, and descriptions, are awesome! I especially like Sydney Carton, who I picture in my mind's eye as a young and dashing Liam Neeson, who would perfectly fit the part in a film adaptation. This is truly English literature at its best. Dickens work, A Tale of Two Cities, is unmatched in the literary world! I think it a true test of someone's English abilities, especially ESL, if they can read and totally comprehend this sophisticated book. If you can say you have read and understood this literary work in its entirety, it will reflect a mastery in your English abilities because in this book you will find the finest presentation of English in print. Memorize this book and you have mastered the English language, guaranteed.