Afflict cause suffering — such as illness, pain, or unhappiness

Arraign call before a court to answer an indictment accuse of a wrong or an inadequacy

Beget to cause something — especially to make children

Derivative something developed from something else; e.g., a word based on another word, a mathematical value from a function, or the value of a financial instrument

Discern to notice or understand something — often something that is not obvious


Pious behaving in a highly moral or religious manner or less commonly: behaving highly moral in a self-righteous or holier-than-thou manner

Revere regard with feelings of deep respect and admiration — sometimes with a mixture of wonder and awe or fear

Wretch someone you feel sorry for or a person of bad character

A prequel book to Pride and Prejudice all about Darcy in his early formative years in school, the Pious Darcy revered in afflicting his ideas on all who would listen.