Arraign call before a court to answer an indictment accuse of a wrong or an inadequacy

Audacious bold and daring (inclined to take risks) -- especially in violating social convention in a manner that could offend others

Censure harsh criticism; or formal criticism from an organization -- such as the U.S. Senate

Conjecture a conclusion or opinion based on inconclusive evidence; or the act of forming of such a conclusion or opinion

Credulous gullible (being too willing to believe)


Heresy opinions or actions most people consider immoral

Ignoble completely lacking nobility in character, quality or purpose

Languish to suffer in a bad situation for a long time

Pander to pretend to agree with someone to make them happy

Prerogative a right reserved exclusively for a particular person or group

Trifling something of small importance; or a small quantity

A Prisoners dream about the trifling conjecture his ignoble brother told him that he was credulous enough to believe, and that’s why he is in jail.