Why summer homework?

- To engage your intellect and imagination.

- To heighten your investment in the class by making contributions even before formal class meetings have begun.

- To allow your teachers to know you and the way you think and write from the get-go.

Reading: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

These can be checked out from the BHS Book Room immediately following this meeting. You are also welcome to acquire your own copies.


Writing: For each title, select three quotes: one from beginning, one from the middle third, and one from the final portion of the novel. Do one of each for each book, but not necessarily in the order posted below.

- One quote should inspire some kind of connection to your own life and/or

our contemporary world.

- One quote should propel you to consider a new, interesting and/or provocative idea—something you haven’t thought about before.

- One quote should illustrate something you observe about the writing style of the novel.

Respond to each quote in a chunky paragraph. 1) Open with a topic sentence (or two!) that interprets and comments on the quote; 2) in the body. dissect the quote, incorporating words and phrases from the quote as well as any relevant details from outside the selected passage; 3) conclude with a significant take-away from steps 1 & 2.

Your six quotes/responses should be handwritten in blue or black ink.

This assignment is due on the first day of class. We will use your responses to discuss your reactions to the summer reading. You should also expect some kind of quiz or assessment that will allow you to demonstrate your close reading of the texts. Happy summer and enjoy!