The book The Crucible by Arthur Miller, can be described as sad, diminishing, hateful, and savageness. Why do I say this? I would say that this author is much like Edgar Allen Poe in a lot of ways, such as in the story there was not one sunny day, it was always raining. The only happy moment in this story was when the girls were dancing around the camp fire, but even then they were casting spells on people. Poe writes just the same way, for instance The Raven. In this book the same scenery was there dark, cloudy, raining, lighting, thunder, and the thought of people going crazy. My opinion on the book is that it is really cruel, but at the same time I loved The Crucible there was so much action and hatred from the families inside of it. That made this The Crucible very interesting.

For example in the first part of The Crucible, the young girl was knocked out and did not speak to anyone, but yet she screamed at the name of the lord. Abbigail only cared about herself, she would blame her friends, family and other random people for witchery and she made friends with the judge so then he would not send her off to be hanged. Even though she was there that night at the fire dancing with the other girls, she still never got blamed at first. During everything that was going on Elizabeth was given a doll, and that doll that she did not recognize had a needle inside of it. It was given to her by Abbigail and when the people came over to get her, they found the doll and accused Elizabeth for witchery, and was brought to the jail. Abbigail got off with this crime. The only people that knew about it were the people that were there that night, and the people that were also threatened by Abigail.


In the end of the book Abigail was finally tried, because she got caught for what she had done. The friendship that she had with the judge ended whenever she was in the court house. The judge could not believe the evidence behind her. The judge thought that she would never do something like this, and he could not trust her anymore. She was convicted, and was sentenced to death by the gallows. That was the end of the witchery. A lot of other people were hung for no reason, all because of Abbigail’s story, and putting evidence on other people. But then the Salem witch trail came to an end, and the Procter family was ok again. Elizabeth, the women that was tried for the witchery, was sent home and free, after Abbigail was hanged for her wrong doing.

This book was full of up’s and downs, form the beginning when the girls dancing nakedly around the fire, cooking a stew with live frogs in it, from the young girl that was thought to have a spell cast on her, by the girls and the devil being inside of her, to Abbigail accusing other people in the town no matter if they were friends, family, or someone she did not even know, just to save her own skin, in then at the end Abigail getting caught, and getting tried for witchery, and then hanged for it. This book was full of surprises, and action. I loved this book I would recommend reading this book for anyone who is interested. If you do read it you will not regret it is an awesome book.