Literature Example 1 Greek Tragedy Example 1:


the workings of the mind discover oft dark deeds in darkness schemed, before the act. More hateful still the miscreant who seeks when caught, to make a virtue of a crime. 496


His hyper-logical mind refuses to recognize the bonds of familial love that tie Antigone to her brother Polyneices. He rejects the irrational laws of the gods in favor the rational laws of man. It's interesting that the cool reason that seemed like such a good thing in Oedipus the King now causes his downfall. Hmm, we detect the distinct scent of Sophocles' favorite dish: tragic irony tragically ironic when these good intentions bring misery and horror for all. Though, it's easy to pigeon-hole Creon as a big mean man, persecuting his brave, innocent niece, it's just not that simple.

Literature Example 2 Greek Tragedy Example 2:

Leader; but my lady, to kill your own two sons?

Medea; it is the supreme way to hurt my husband. 140-141

Medea's hatred for Jason is so fierce that she'll go to any lengths to hurt him. She feels that her revenge wouldn't be complete if the boys are left to live. By the end of the play, Jason is destroyed. She is being completely irrational she kills her children and doesn't allow her love for them to get into the way. She is making a decisive stand and being very courageous. Is revenge on Jason for leaving her and if she simply killed him his suffering would be over and she would not be able to achieve complete satisfaction of his utter destruction. Medea is strong and independent woman does what she wants and doesn't let anything stand there her way. She's not made irrational by love.

Literature Example 3 Greek Tragedy Example 3:

Medea how I bless you both.... Not here..-Beyond. Every blessing here your father has despoiled 173...

Some scholars claim that this is Medea's best argument for the murder of her sons. They represent her marriage, which has been tainted by Jason. Therefore, they must be destroyed. Medea seems to sincerely enjoy all the gruesome details of that the messenger relates. Her revenge satisfies her greatly. She differs from most tragic protagonists because she doesn't end up regretting her actions. Ultimately, she's OK with how everything turns out.

Literature Example 4 Example 4:

Benvolio- In love?
Romeo- Out-
Benvolio- Of love?
Romeo- out of her favour where I am in love. 1.1.10


I cannot deny it Romeo is absolutely positively in love the only problem is it is not with Juliet dear Romeo is talking about Rosaline. Proof that Romeo is flighty and immature this is complete and utter love of another woman long before Juliet stood on a balcony. By long before of course I mean one day. Here's he's completely infatuated with Rosaline. When he's not daydreaming about Rosaline in his room, He's moping around in a grove of "sycamore" trees, where those who are sick amour (sick with love) tend to hang out (1.1.4). The thing is, Rosaline has absolutely no interest in Romeo, but he pursues her anyway. Maybe he's not in love with Rosaline as he is obsessed with the idea of being in love—which is of course immature but it is not in fact love.

Literature Example 5 Example 5:

Romeo-love is a smoke raised with the fume of sighs; being purged, a fire sparkling in lover's eyes: being vex’d a sea nourish’d with lovers tears: what is it else? A madness most discreet, a choking gall and a preserving sweet. 1.1.7


These are pretty big words coming from a teenager. All this abstract language—love as "smoke," as "fire," as a "sea," as "madness"—suggest that maybe Romeo knows more about love from books than, you know, actually being in love his is interesting. Romeo forgets all about his "love" for Rosaline the exactly second he sees Juliet, which makes us think that he was never really in love with Rosaline to begin with. But does this also mean that Romeo's desire for Juliet is nothing more than meaningless infatuation?When Romeo and Juliet talk for the first time at the Capulet ball, Romeo uses his best pickup line: touching Juliet's hands and lips, he says, would be a kind of religious experience. (We've heard that before, haven't we? He used to say this kind of stuff about Rosaline.

Real World Example 1

Paraphrase point where quotation from a news article:

Somehow you keep getting us to give up more and more personal information about ourselves. To name just one of about 80 gazillion cases in point: The emotional saga of Kelly Summers.


In April 2010, the Englishwoman learned that the man she loved had been keeping a gargantuan secret from her: He already had a longterm girlfriend.

Summers was devastated. Sobbing, she turned to YouTube and began posting video diaries — 62 of them! — about her heartbreak and her efforts to recover. She gained a loyal following of 11,000 viewers — including her ex, who decided he wanted her back. “I watched each video and I couldn’t believe the devastation I left behind,” Keith Tallis, the ex, said after the fact. “I’d never seen such raw emotion, and it made me realize how much I loved her.”

By Michael Inbar

TODAY contributor

updated 9/8/2010 10:50:47 AM ET

Thousands were riveted when Englishwoman Kelly Summers posted raw, warts-and-all video diaries on YouTube, describing her anguish over splitting from a man who had done her wrong. Little did she know that her ex was also watching her emotional journey online — and was so moved by it that he wound up begging her to take him back.

“From the videos, I knew I wanted to be with Kelly,” her once and current boyfriend, Keith Tallis, told the London Daily Mail. “I could see how much she loved me, and they made me realize how much I loved her, too.”Summers, 53, from Nottinghamshire in Britain’s East Midlands, began posting her “Froglet Diaries” — from Tallis’ pet name for her — as she tried to pick up the pieces following their less than amicable split in July. The pair met in June 2009, and their friendship grew into a full-blown love affair by February.Happiness after heartaches
Finding a new love was thrilling for Summers, especially after a series of personal heartaches. A 2000 accident limited the use of her right hand. And, as a single mom, Summers had dealt with the deaths of four of her five children — including her learning-challenged son Blake’s death from a seizure in 2005 at age 23.

Keith Tallis “set me free from grieving every day for my children and for my past life that was ruined with my accident,” Summers told ABC News. “He came along and gave me something that made my heart whole again. And nobody had been able to do that ... It's something in him that put that back into me.”

But in April, just weeks into her new love affair, Summers dropped in unexpectedly on Tallis at his home in Birmingham, and got a rude surprise: It turned out he already had a long-term partner.

Tallis nonetheless continued to pursue a relationship with Summers: In July, he swore he had split with the other woman. However, any elation Summers felt was short-lived: Just 10 days after winning Tallis back, he returned to his previous girlfriend.Reeling emotionally, Summers decided to confront her anguish head-on. Physically unable to write in a journal, she instead started her Froglet Diaries. The early videos were raw, emotional and unvarnished as Summers sobbed before the camera, hair wildly askew and makeup running down her face.

“As you can see, I look rough,” Summers admitted in an early entry. “I have bags under my eyes and I’ve been crying. I didn’t take my makeup off last night, as I couldn’t be bothered. I am depressed, I miss him so much.”

But Summers was determined to make an emotional comeback. She told YouTube viewers: “I am going to show you at my worst and my journey toward getting back on my feet.”

And she did: Through a self-help regimen and support from family members, Summers began to emerge from her emotional black cloud. As she did, some 11,000 people regularly followed her video diaries — 62 in all — buoying her with their support.

And one of the viewers was Tallis himself. He was informed by friends that his ex was posting emotional talks on YouTube, and he began watching. “I watched each video and I couldn’t believe the devastation I left behind,” Tallis, 55, told the Daily Mail.“I'd never seen such raw emotion, and it made me realize how much I loved her.”

Tallis eventually told his previous girlfriend he was breaking up with her, and on Monday, he arrived at Summers’ doorstep, asking for forgiveness and a reconciliation.

And Summers has taken him back. But she said that winning Tallis’ heart again was a happy side benefit, not her true goal in revealing her heartache on YouTube.“Even before we were reunited, I was feeling a lot happier and stronger,” she told the Daily Mail. “[The diaries] are proof that you can get over even the most devastating of breakups.“That Keith and I are together is just icing on the cake.”


The didn't make her do these crazy things insanity did. Is there a single doubt in your mind that this couple will be broken up any time now? Putting yourself on public display doesn't mean you're in love it means you want your 15 min. of fame more than you want your next breath.

Real World Example 2

  • This crazy love thing isn't new

Image: King Henry VIII and his second wife, Anne Boleyn

Getty Images

There’s so much to say about England’s King Henry VIII and his second wife, Anne Boleyn. For the purposes of this feature, let’s focus on this: The pair’s relationship represents one of the most extreme love stories in history.

King Henry first became enamored of Anne in the 1520s, and he pursued her for years. He desperately wanted to annul his first marriage to Catherine of Aragon and be with Anne instead. The Pope refused to let that happen — and then, hoo-boy. Henry assumed the role of Supreme Head of the Church of England, married Anne, had his marriage to Catherine annulled and got excommunicated from the Catholic Church. Happens all the time, right?

Henry and Anne got married in January 1533, and Anne gave birth to Elizabeth, the future queen of England, that September. Henry was disappointed that Elizabeth wasn’t a boy, but he remained hopeful that Anne would give him a male heir to the throne. Instead, Anne experienced devastating miscarriages and stillbirths. One stillborn baby was a boy; when that detail came to light, King Henry reportedly cried out, “I see God will not give me male children!” He began showing interest in Jane Seymour, Anne’s maid of honor.

Then, as further evidence that love (in this case, love of Jane!) can make a man do crazy things, Henry easily believed trumped-up charges of adultery, incest and treason against Anne to be true. He had her beheaded in 1536.


Paraphrase point where quotation from a news article:

Explanation: Love did not make him murder all of these women insanity did. He is clearly a sociopath. If you loved any of these women he would've been happy to sit the be with them and not needed children.

Real World Example 3

Lisa ‘Left-Eye’ Lopes Burns Down Andre’s House
by Lauren Harris
is familiar with the expression, but Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes brought new meaning to the concept of a woman scorned. After discovering that boyfriend and Atlanta Falcons star Andre Rison was cheating on her, the TLC frontwoman tried to burn up his sneakers on June 9, 1994. Instead, she burned down his $1.3 million dollar house.

“There was drinking involved ...” she later explained. “He stormed off and I decided to barbecue his tennis shoes. I threw them in the bathtub because I thought the fire would contain itself that way ...”

The 24-year-old singer was sentenced to five years probation, fined $10,000, and entered an alcohol rehab program five months before TLC released CrazySexyCool, which became the best-selling album by a girl group in America. The home torching hadn’t been the tempestuous twosome’s first domestic dispute (he was allegedly abusive), but they remarkably stayed together for several years, with Andre announcing their engagement in 2001 before later calling it off.

Any chance for reconciliation was destroyed in 2002, when the 30-year-old was killed in a car accident in Honduras.

Paraphrase point where quotation from a news article:

Lopes's personal life, though, was marred by her rocky relationship with football great Andre Rison, and in 1994, she was arrested for burning down his home. This means she's not in love she is a criminal. A jury of 12 convicted her of this crime.