Janie Mae Crawford
her nickname was Alphabet because she changed her name so many times
her first married name is Janie May Killicks
when she was 24 years old she had been married seven years to Joe Starks

Joe (Jody) Starks - Janie’s second husband.
Moved them to Eatonville, Florida
he is from Georgy which I think means Georgia
postmaster, mayor, storekeeper, and biggest landlord in Eatonville.
He's thinks men have to think for children women chickens and cows

Logan Killicks — like a dead pear tree
he owns 60 acres
Janie’s first husband.
Nanny arranges Janie’s marriage to Logan
Nice to Janie for a year before he tries to make her help him with the farming work

Pheoby Watson - Janie’s friend in Eatonville
Doesn’t listen to gossip

Daisy pretty girl who wears white to flirt with men. Jim, Dave and Lum love her. Jim borrowed a dime to get her pigs feet groosssss!

Nanny Crawford - Janie’s grandmother
Had half white daughter yellow haired with grey eyes she was Jaineys mom

Sam Watson - Pheoby’s husband

Mrs Bogel pretty older woman in town 1st husband coachman and then a preacher

Tony's Wife weirdly lady came in saying that Tony doesn't feed her or the kids and wanted free food from Joe Starks and he cut up a little piece of meat and gave it to her but then she complained it wasn't enough. It was the first time Janie ever spoke up about things of the men were saying


Leafy Crawford - Janie’s mother. Blonde with grey eyes
Leafy was born in Civil War and she ran away after giving birth to Janie
She was raped by a teacher at school at 17

Amos Hicks - He tries unsuccessfully to lure Janie away from Jody.

Hezekiah Potts - The delivery boy

Dr. Simmons - A white doctor

Johnny Taylor - 1st boy she kisses

Mr. and Mrs. Washburn - Nanny’s employers after she became a free woman
Nanny lived in a house in the Washburn’s backyard
they helped raise Janie with their own children.
Mr washburn is dead

Black women are the mule of the world

After she met Joe Starks they went to Green Cove Springs
got on the train the next day
he got her apples and a glass lantern filled with candy
moved to a town called West Maitland which is next door to Eatonville
the black town is now called Eatonville
he bought 200 acres with cash
town got a street lamp they had a barbecue party
women brought the sweets and men brought the meat
they cooked three hogs at the barbecue

Joe Starks wanted a ditch in front of his store
Joe Starks built a house with porches all around it was two stories high he painted it white

Joe Starks bought a spittoon and women a snuff box they spit in it
she compared the snuffbox to having a sister that turns into an alligator

Janie had to cover her hair and a rag in the store because her husband was jealous of the other men looking at her pretty hair

Mule Joe Bob the mule for five dollars the mule had been with Matt for 23 years it died with four legs in the air, it went to mule have been which had everything except for Matt. They make fun of Matts mule it was a yellow mule and it was so skinny you could wash close on the ribs Janie was not allowed to make fun of the mule. They looked new growth free and eventually died. The mule was almost fat by the time it died