The Call of the Wild by Jack London is an novel set in the frozen tundra of Alaska during the Klondike Gold Rush. It happened due to the large amounts of gold found out in the tundra. They couldn’t use horses to drag the necessities out on the ice, so they used sled dogs. That is how the story begins after Buck gets dognapped out to Alaska to be a sled dog.

This book engages you in a “can’t put down” way, where you are always yearning to see what happens in the life of Buck. It leaves you at points where you are at a cliffhanger, it happens to be a very emotional book. It shows the raw emotions of Buck at many important junctures of the book, which London masterfully weaves into the actual plot.


One reason this book is great is due to the variety of characters. Characters such as Spitz and John Thornton make the book enjoyable, as you see Buck’s continued relationship develop with both. Both of these characters bring out opposite characters in Buck, and it shows the transformation that Buck has undergone due to John Thornton.