In F. Scott Fitzgerald book, "The Great Gatsby" takes the reader on a rollercoaster through the roaring 20's where the wealth was high and the parties were even grander. The Book is narrated by Nick Carraway, a young man who came to New York from the Midwest to sell bonds during the booming stock market, who is looking back on his experience several years later. Nick happens to have been living next door to millionaire Gatsby whose character is bigger than life and considered the "new" money of the city. Nick also interacts with his cousin Diasy and her husband Tom who also moved from the Midwest to New York and are considered "old" money of the city. Throughout the story, Nick is taken on an adventure of whirlwind that exposes New York's true colors of wealth and corruption. Nick finds himself in the midst of a love triangle where lying, cheating, and power are all present throughout the characters Nick meets. The Great Gatsby is truly a work that represents the mindset of those living in the 1920's and the experiences they face.


The book has something for everyone with romance, action, corruption, and self centeredness. Fitzgerald's use of words has the reader on their edge of their seats of what to expect next and how the story will play out. Each character is thoughtfully brought about to represent the variety of social classes present through the era. The Great Gatsby is a book that is enjoyable by all ages and people due to its interweaving plot of events and a ending that will leave the reader in shock. This is one story a reader will never forget. The movie doesn't give the book enough justice as it doesn't give the reader the true emotions and descriptions of the characters during all the action packed events. As a high school student, this book is looked forward too by all the students because Fitzgerald has a way of drawing the reader in and really feel emotionally invested into this story due to the grand exposure of events. The Great Gatsby is truly a book that everyone should and would enjoy reading no matter what kind of book lover you are.