The puppy came in,
All she sees is now a toy.
We all laugh so hard.

My dog is smiling.
Snow has just started falling,
she wants to go out.

The tree sees me coming,
I am going to climb it,
to the top I go !

The puppy loves to play.
I don’t want her to grow up,
maybe she never will!

I have tiny arms.
I am a big dinosaur.
I am a T-Rex.


Cars are big and fast.
I like to go like the wind.
I have a scooter

Little dogs are puppies,
little cats are cute kittens,
little kids are jerks.

Washington Huskies:
I saw a purple and yellow,
they won the game. . . . Yeah!

Washington Cougars,
they live out in the boonies.
they have crimson blood.

Hippies like tie-dye,
they changed the music scene,
I liked it better before.

The car is so big,
all my friends can fit inside,
away we go now!