Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
was one of the first books I wanted to own.
Looking back at the series of books in depth
I am surprised so many people ended up in death.
It is it's so sad Sir Nicholas was beheaded,
he is a ghost after all and that's not to his credit.
How about the unicorns killed for their blood?
To kill something so beautiful your name must be mud.
In the first book there was Quirinus Quirrell
Voldemort possessed him and he was under a spell.
Moaning Myrtle lived in the second floor girls bathroom
She looked into the eyes of a basilisk that was her doom.
Serious Black was framed for killing 12 muggles by Pettigrew,
he's a good guy, that something he just wouldn't do.
Tom and Mary Riddle were killed to make a Horcrux
Voldemort framed Morfin Gaunt and that sucks!
In the Goblet of Fire Cedric Diggory died
Don’t feel bad for him in Twilight he got Kristin Stewart as a bride.
Sirius Black was killed by Bellatrix Lestrange
She pushed him through a veil and his death was exchanged.
Aragog was a spider I wasn't sad to see him go,
but poor Hagrid was full of woe.
Severus Snape turned out to be a hero of Slytherine
Alan Rickman’s death in real life had me playing the mandolin.
So much sadness in the books but nothing compares:
Fred Weasley’s death had me unprepared.
I am a twin, you see.
Without my other there is no me.