Here are some facts to get you reading Harry Potter again.
You won't regret a single minute of it, you will be in Zen.
The actress who played moaning Myrtle was 37 years old,
she's the oldest actress ever to play a child eightfold!
In order to appeal to male readers the writer used JK Rowling
her name is Joanne but the “K” is not her thing.
Hogwarts name was inspired by a plant from a garden in New York City.
I cannot imagine another name as pretty.
Voldemort has a silent “t” at the end in a breath
It came from a French word meaning “flight of death”.
Hermione's patronus is her favorite animal an otter,
Rowling said she did that for her daughter.
Sirius Black’s tattoos came from those used in Russian prison gangs.
All the misery he saw in the book yet he died without a bang.
Dementors the deadly phantoms that guarded the prison,
represented the depression Rowling went through before her fame had risen.
The actual car used in the flying cars seen in the movie version
was stolen off the set and discovered seven months later after it’s excursion.
People had trouble pronouncing Hermione's name so to help people out
Hermione sounded it out for Victor Krum so there would not be any more doubt.
My ode to Harry Potter and JK Rowling ends here
I hope I talked you into reading the book again without fear!