1 “I went into the woods because I wished to live deliberately” here he is saying that he went into the woods because he wanted to live every moment of his life and not just have him wake up one day and wonder where the hell all the time went.

2 “simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!” He says that we should only have a few things to worry about not hundreds. If you live out the words and community charity day I imagine your worries are very few other than your immediate needs like food and clothing and heat.

3 “nature puts no questions and answers none which we mortals ask” . Saying that nature doesn't require a whole lot from you it doesn't ask you to fill up your mind with questions and answers that in the long run really won't matter anyway.

4 “I left the woods for as good of a reason as I went there” when his time was up he just knew it instinctively and he left he goes on in the same paragraph to talk about how easily we revert back to our old lives as if we had never taken such a long time off.

5 “if a man does not keep pace with his companions perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer” I had no idea that this saying came from Thoreau's Walden. Following the beat of a different drummer is a saying that means going your own way that makes sense to only you.


6 “the fault finder will find faults even in paradise” some people are just negative. There is no way to find happiness if you're truly deeply unhappy and your heart will never be happy no matter the riches you have.

7 “money is not required to buy one necessary of the soul” the old money is not the answer to your problems is made clear in this passage. It's certainly not the answer to the problems but it sure helps fix a lot of immediate needs in a person's life.

8 “only that day dawns to which we are awake” I believe here he's trying to say some people are too blind ever see even if their eyes were perfectly. in general I think the entire section about the sounds nature makes a very relaxing of ever been relaxed reading a book before

What questions come up ? I like the idea that Thoreau went to the woods to discover himself. And I believe that you could probably eke out a living surviving on Barry's but I'm not sure if that's really a life at all Erie it if you are truly alone in the world than you are in fact truly alone. I don't think I could survive without friends and family very long. I don't believe it's truly a life at all to live alone. I like to know more about Thoreau I find his writings interesting although I can honestly say I have no great desire to run off into the woods.

What is the main idea? The main idea of the story can be wrapped up in the word simplicity. It's basically the same idea that we try to acquire money to make us happy that money can't make you happy you need to acquire friendships and purpose and charity to be happy. He became happy by leaving everything behind