T.S. Eliot's "The Hollow Men Annotate after you've read it a few times.

Who is the speaker? The narrator is the speaker so the Hollow men are the speaker.

What does he desire? The Hollow men want to do something big that will get them into either heaven or hell but they don't know how to do that because they are not brave.


What does he fear? There is a crumbling moral problem in society because of modern science. People stop having any meaning and religion stops having meaning in everyday lives of people. The Hollow men fear that they are too scared to do needs to be done and everything they do doesn't have meaning. They want to go to hell but they're too scared to do the violent acts that they need to do to get there

What is the setting? Because there are cactuses and stones I have to think that they are in a desert. It is desolate and vacant because there's no one to look at.