In this myth a childless older couple wishes for a child. She prays and eventually has a son. The son was tiny and they named him Issun-Boshi. The child is loved by his parents and one day he realizes he will never grow up. He goes on a trip to find his place in the world. He is given a sewing needle as a sword, a soup bowl for a boat and chopsticks for oars. He sails downriver to a city where he looks for a job. Issun-Boshi started working as the guard to the Masters daughter.


One day on their travels they are suddenly attacked by two goblins. Issun-Boshi stabbed the first goblin in the shin with his needle sword. The goblin picked him up and ate him. Issun-Boshi stabbed the goblin from inside his body until he spat him up. He then attacked the second goblin by poking him in the eye. Both goblins ran away screaming in pain. One of the goblins dropped a magic hammer that would grant him a wish. He asked to be bigger and he grew into a tall, handsome young man as fine as a samurai. They were married and he was as brave as he had been when he was one inch high.