What is John Winthrop's message to the Puritans as they are about to land in the New World? Also, what one word or phrase that Winthrop used best summarizes the entire speech? Why?

John Winthrop's message to the Puritans lays out how he thinks they can survive in the new world. John Winthrop believes the only way to survive is to work together and become a community. Winthrop believes that their common goal can only be achieved by working as a unit. He believes that by working together and keeping a lookout for each other they will not only survive, but thrive as a community. Winthrop warns that if they do not work together that they will fail and die there. John Winthrop makes many references to a communal love and fear of God. He goes on to tell the worshipers that God will help them do through their plight but also warns God will punish them if they do not follow the correct path towards communal living. The phrase that Winthrop used in his speech that I believe that summarizes the entire speech is


“...rejoyce together, mourne together, labour, and suffer together, allwayes haveing before our eyes our Commission and Community in the worke”.

I believe John Winthrop's message is about a community working together. Although there will be hard times he believes that the highs and lows will be better if felt together as a community. He centers his ideas on the belief that this hard work is in the glory of God and must be taken seriously.