Final Persuasive Rubric:

  • Clear point of view with three or more clear reasons and examples to back it up.
  • Bibliography included and in proper MLA format.
  • Reliable and academic sources and facts that clearly relate to the topic.
  • Paragraph format is clear and easy to read. Piece flows with good transitions.
  • Interesting and original title. No conventional errors.
  • Strong hook, thesis statement, and conclusion paragraph that includes a “call to action”.
  • Paper is to the point and doesn’t make readers distracted.
  • Strong sense of personal voice that livens the piece up so as not to bore the reader.
  • Edited mechanics- punctuation, spelling, repeated word choice


Persuasive Writing:

Category Description:
Writing that makes an argument to support a particular point of view or position. The writer presents a clear stand or opinion, and then provides facts and data to support it. Examples of persuasive writing include: editorials, position papers, essays prepared for debate or speech.

Special Instructions:
Sources must be cited. Footnotes/works cited are not considered part of the word count.

Size Requirements:
500–3,000 words