According to Wikipedia Koshun Takami was most famous for his 1999 book Battle Royale. Many people believe that the franchise hunger games was based on this. Koshun Takami was born on January 10, 1969 near Osaka, Japan. He graduated from Osaka University with a degree in literature. He worked as a journalist for the news company Shikoku Shimbun. He was a beat reporter and he wrote many articles about politics, the police and economics in Japan. Tamami wrote Battle Royale and unfortunately it was originally rejected as an entry into the Japan Grand Prix Horror Novel competition in 1996. They wrote him a letter explaining that although the novel was well written they felt that no one would ever publish a book about junior high school students being forced to kill one another by the government. The commie eventually found a publisher and in April 1999 his novel was published and became an instant bestseller. It was later made into a manga book and a feature film. In English edition was published in 2003. The manga book was even more popular than the original novel and the Battle Royale series has become famous around the world and has earned cult status.


Takami has not written anything since the release of this book. Everything he has written has been about this stylized idea of Japan. He is written nearly all of the manga books and a few of the graphic novels that are in the Battle Royale series. There is a new show on the American TV channel the CW that he is writing based on his book. Stephen King wrote an article in Entertainment Weekly about Takami calling his book a classic everybody should read.