There is a path on the way to Gazzam Lake on Bainbridge Island that has always terrified me. Even on the brightest days the trees canopy over the path, creating a living ceiling. The path and you are plunged into near darkness, while walking. There is no silence in these dark, frightening woods. The noise is almost deafening. There is a constant hum of bugs in the air, and even in the middle of summer, there seems to be drifting rain falling from the leaves to the ground. As you are walking it seems like somebody is watching you from behind the larger tree trunks. There's just enough noise out in the woods that you can imagine footsteps following you. Because it is always so dark there is mold and mildew growing everywhere. The smell is sometimes overwhelming. It is as if the entire forest is rotting and decaying as you are walking through it. The trees sway in the wind, and the sunlight streams through just enough to create patterns of light in the middle of the dark forest that look like evil fairies flying.


The beach at Fay Bainbridge Park is one of my favorite settings in nature. Walking along the beach is the perfect opportunity to look out into the ocean and have the waves lull you into a meditative state. The sand is always filled with tiny shells and eelgrass. There is constant life everywhere you look in the water. Tiny fish and small crustaceans scurry along the beach as you approach. Looking on the horizon the city of Seattle seems so far away from the tranquil beach setting. It always seems to be windy there. So the ocean air swirls around you like a warm blanket.