When I was five years old. I had the adventure of a lifetime at the Target store in Silverdale, Washington. My twin brother and I were very good at getting in trouble and we used our twin ESP powers to torture our parents. One of our favorite games we liked to play when we were very young happened in large, crowded areas. The Target store seemed huge to my brother and I because we were so small. It was like a city full of places to hide and shelving units so tall they blocked out the fluorescent lights. The aisles were wide like highways. All we needed was our red racecar.

We had just arrived at the store and were hanging off the sides of the bright red cart when we noticed our mother had stopped to look at a coat. One moment of distraction was all we needed to send our plan in motion. We were off to a great adventure and we didn't even need words. We could just look at each other and know. The moment we looked at each other and realized that the game was on, we ran. We ran in two different directions and laughed and laughed.


Our mother could only chase one of us and she chose Hunter. Hunter was faster than I was back then, so she generally went after him first. He and I ran in and out of clothing racks and down aisles selling towels and back into the clothing racks. The clothing racks looked like tall buildings of cloth. We caught up with each other in the middle of the pregnant lady section of clothing and jumped in the middle of a round clothing rack. It was very dark being surrounded by the clothing, and we felt completely hidden from the world. We could hear our mother yelling and screaming and we thought this was one of our greatest deeds ever. She was so close, but she still couldn't see us. We were totally hidden, but we could hear her. We stayed in the racks for about five minutes until my mother screams got a little frightening. Her voice sounded like a high pitched train whistle with words. Using our twin ESP, we decided that the game was over. We should probably go back. Our mother calls this the worst 15 minutes of her whole life. At the time we thought it was the greatest adventure we had ever been on.